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Thread: Hey just posting to let others know..

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    Default Hey just posting to let others know..

    Hey everyone just letting everyone know that me and Charlie have a blog Puppy and Panda's Padded Palace: Hi! Hi! Hi! :3 so if you don't mind subscribe, and let us know what you think and give us feedback plz and thank you HUGS!!

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    Awww thanks Shoots and leaves, lol i love the picture! Hopefully we get lots of readers i have yet to post but my Babe has posted a bit

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    Cool. I'll be checking back on it for some interesting reads. (:
    Good luck.

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    Awww *hugs* thank you Insert disc!! We really appreciate it!! We are trying to make it very interesting but its a bit hard but we're getting there!

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    awwwwww hhehehehe we will for surr thank you both *huggles* keep reading for sure to get more interesting!!!

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