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Thread: A new babyfur ^-^

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    Red face A new babyfur ^-^

    Hello there! the names Mathew, Though naughtywolfy is what i use as a username almost everywhere x3. i am indeed a babyfur, i love diapers but im embarassed to let my parents or anyone else know (you probably had this problem too x3) im an isolated pup.. which means ill do most of my socializing online. i love to rp ^^ yiffy or not ill be a cute baby for you hehe. theres more to me, but youd have to get to know me a bit more. *crinklewags*

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    *pets the wolfy and gives him a cookie to nibble on* Welcome to ADISC! There's plenty of furs around here, even if your location does, indeed, sound rather isolated

    Stop by the IRC chat some time - it's where all the action is


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    aww danku guys x3 you make this baby wolf feel like he belongs ^-^

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    *sneakes up to the other wolf cup, and jumps on him* Tag, you're it ^_^

    Welcome to this forum, and as you may have noticed, there are many (wolf) babyfurs around here, including myself

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    welcome to the forums hun, there is a whole slosh of us around here somewhere, im sulli a baby wolf aswell, more of a lurker it seams these days then anything i hate to admit.

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    teehee! yay! ill just say though, im not on the laptop im using much, i usually jus pway ma xbox, which means im always on msn since it lets me. if anyone is interested owo my gamertag is Arm Fetish, and also i have created a cub list on xbox teehee! for those of you who play it x3

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    HIYA! Just be respectfull about everyones diffrent sexualitys, lifestlyes, ect and you will find that we are the most epic support community EVAR!

    And, new babyfurs seem to group together if they join on the same day or so. Lol, not like im complaining, met some epic freinds so far. (just something I noticed.)

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