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Thread: trying to identify an old genesis game

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    Default trying to identify an old genesis game

    so... this is an old old game, it was relased somewhere around 1992.
    you played a guy who had these two swords, long blades, not daggers, he had a hat that was similar to a pilgrims hat, only the sash on it wasnt a belt, it had a skull on the center of it and around the "sash" there were little skulls, I cant remember if he had a necklace or anything, he was very very dark, wore a dark coat or something similar. maybe a trenchcoat.
    the game had magic and spells and stuff like that, the levels werent like regular stages, they were non linear, so from the main level, you could go through these blue doorway portals which did not have doors, you'd enter it and appear in a stage, I can only remember a few of the stages, one where your moving through a sewer or something like that, not like your average game sewer, like the type where you can see no walls, big water that has a constant change on the floor, plenty of enemies.
    next one is a mainly brick level, first thing I can remember from the level is bats, and that the floor all the way down is a furnace or something, you fall in it and you die.
    next thing, this was a side scroller style game, much like all games from the era.
    I cant remember enough about the game to be very helpful, all I really can tell you is that it was a dark game, almost demonic.
    and that in the title screen, he has a dark plain face, black hair, and red eyes, no whites, all red, like demons. no horns, human appearence.

    if you help me and have the game title and know what im talking about, you will have my eternal gratitude.

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    Maybe the Bram Stoker's Dracula game?

    I'm not even 100% on that being for the genesis...

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    definitly not dracula, I want to say the game title started with a G or H, but I cant remember for the life of me.

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    Chakran maybe, not 100% or maybe something that sounds like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmoman View Post
    Chakran maybe, not 100% or maybe something that sounds like it.


    *squeezes and licks a lot*

    ~ now for a farther into posting some shit phase ~
    This game, was one of the hardest games I can remember, the only game that is literally IMPOSSIBLE to beat in hard mode.

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    all I have to say is WOOT! for the genesis, the first high definition system!

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