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Thread: Opinions.

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    Default Opinions.


    Simple topic, I want to get some ideas on.

    Can a personal opinion be wrong?

    and Why?

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    No, because you can only have opinions on subjective matters. People commonly mistake what an opinion is and present claims dealing with objective matters as opinions in attempts to demand respect for it. Such is fallacious.

    Example: It's my opinion that Denmark does not actually exist.

    Such a statement is not a matter of opinion.

    Opinions how ever can be misguided, harmful, or prejudice.

    Example: It's my opinion that people from Denmark are bad people.

    Matter of opinion, but prejudice.

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    Topic is too broad to be useful and the thread is pointless the way it stands.It sounds to me like there is more going on in your head than you express in the post: has someone challenged you saying, well that's just your opinion, and you feel like they are invalidating how you feel but you don't have a good and snappy comeback?

    Or something? Oh yeah... and wrong morally? ethically? incorrectly? inappropriately?

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    Not really more than the question asks

    At the house a few of us got into a debate about if a personal opinion could be wrong.

    Some said yes and I an other said no.

    Since opinions like Mako said are subjective to the person and more or less based on an emotional response, than no a personal opinion can't be "wrong" per say.

    The counter argument was made that a persons personal opinion can be wrong if it does not coincide with accepted truth.

    Countered again by the notion that right or wrong, you can not prove or disprove that a person does indeed have a given opinion contrary to evidence since their opinion is proven only by what they accept as fact.

    AND so on for an hour.

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    Some opinions are better than others. That sounds a terribly elitist thing to say but it's true.

    What I mean by that is that everyone's entitlement to an opinion is equal but everyone's opinion does not necessarily carry equal worth. If, for example, I express an opinion regarding theoretical cosmology - “theoretical cosmology is a waste of time”, say, or, “the study of theoretical cosmology is the most important academic pursuit” - it is likely to less useful or less worthwhile than the opinion of someone like Stephen Hawking, who is a pre-eminent expert in the field and I know remarkably little about it. My critical opinion of a novel will be shallower than the opinion of someone who has read and studied all the works of an author in great depth when I have casually read only one, and when they have looked at context, at history, when they appreciate all the provenance and references that my ignorance precludes me from seeing.

    Opinions are subjective, yes, and everyone has a right to one, but we shouldn't confuse that with thinking that one subjective analysis is always of the same merit of another when one may be markedly more informed, more considered and of greater depth than another. The defence, “It's my opinion and I've a right to it!”, then, is not always a strong one in the face of someone pointing out deficiencies, a lack of understanding or a faulty assumption that may have led to one forming said opinion. While it is important to never allow a situation when only certain people are allowed opinions on a subject or anyone feels they've no place having one, it is also important to avoid losing respect for expertise or knowledge and no one should think that their opinion cannot be criticised simply because they have an entitlement to it and it is not a matter of provable truth.

    The other side of the coin is that there naturally can be no such thing as a correct opinion; statements can be correct or incorrect, opinions cannot. So, no, there is no right or wrong, but there can be variable merit to an opinion.

    But that's only my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    It can defiantly be false. Wrong is too subjective.
    will you elaborate please?

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    I heard a saying when I was younger it said "Opinions are like A-holes everybody has one and they all stink"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildishDaze View Post
    will you elaborate please?
    Right and wrong have implications as moral quantities. Morals and values are not universal across cultures and through time. While true and false are closer to absolute.

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    It's my opinion that you have a talking orange penis growing out of your forehead.

    It's my opinion that your mother used to regularly have sex for money.

    It's my opinion that NASA was created to cover up the fact that there is no moon.

    People can, and regularly do, have dumbshit opinions. It's one of the easiest ways of identifying a dumbshit.

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