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Thread: Injured in a diaper

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    Default Injured in a diaper

    Other threads talk about what would become of your stash after you died or injured.

    I was wondering about getting injured while wearing a diaper. Are you more careful when wearing a diaper? Like being careful not to trip and fall. I am a little more careful when I wear a diaper.
    I also wonder if you were taken to the hospital by some one you didn't know, that the nurses would put you in a diaper because they would assume you were incontinent.

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    I have crashed my motorcycle while wearing a diaper. Had to get stitches in arm and leg but before I went to the doctor I just changed. Getting injured never hurts for a few minutes because of the adrenaline rush. Plenty enough time to go to the bath room and ditch the diapers. Honestly I also wouldn't really care if my parents found out these days, and the hospital workers are professionals they won't care.

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    You managed to escape serious injury that time Omorashi. Had you broken your legs and/or arm, or something else, you would not have been able to get rid of your diaper.

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    Yes I would have. You just rip the tapes and remove the diaper. They design them so people with limited mobility can remove and dispose of them easily. Even if I couldn't I wouldn't have them call any one, and I would just let them do to me what needs to be done. They are not allowed to share medical information with out permission because of doctor patient confidentiality.

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    Very interesting question. Wonder if you were taking by EMT while unconscious if you'd wake up with a fresh diaper on or if you'd get a catheter. Ow.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    Very interesting question. Wonder if you were taking by EMT while unconscious if you'd wake up with a fresh diaper on or if you'd get a catheter. Ow.
    You'd probably get a catheter if you were comatose. Generally speaking, diapers are for more mobile individuals who are not bedridden.

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    I really wouldn't want to be injured while wearing a Bambino Classico or other printed diaper. I doubt anything too bad would come of it, but still

    It's probably true that they would assume you are incontinent. As for what they'd put you in (or put in you), I dunno. I don't know hospital protocol. From visiting injured family, though, I wonder if those absorbent bedpads are used more frequently than diapers.

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    I don't think the docs can say anything about wearing a diaper with prints on it because it isn't illegal. Also, I'm sure they see men in women's underwear, people with plugs and all sorts of things relatively frequently. THey probably just ignore it. I don't know if you've noticed, but OR docs work a mile a minute and rarely care about trivial things.

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    Well I would imagine you will get asked about it at one point or another because generally incontinence can mean you have other health problems. However I would imagine the doctors would be discrete and if you simple said it was part of a fetish and has nothing to do with your health they would immediately leave it alone.

    On the other hand they see them all the time and may assume that anyone wearing them needs them and the family would already be aware the person wouldn't care if family etc saw you in them so I would by all means ditch it if possible. Of course you could probably claim the docs put you in them if the family saw it though I would try to square that lie away with the doc before saying that.

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    I had something similar to this happen a few weeks ago. I'm still trying to figure out how this happened.

    I went into my closet after I had just messed my diaper. I was getting a fresh diaper from my stash. For some reason, however, I just fell over and blacked out. I guess this was due to the flickering my closet light produces. I'm not sure how long I was out, probably just a few minutes. But I came to and went through my head of what just happened.

    I got up, grabbed another diaper, and took a shower. During my shower, I realized how lucky I was that no one came ip and found me. I'm sure the smell would've given my secret away, and would definately be really embarrasing.

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