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Thread: Hey All You Minnesotans

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    Smile Hey All You Minnesotans

    Hey Minnesotans! I've heard a lot about this site from different places, but I'm curious how many actually live in Minnesota? Anyways, so post your town in Minnesota and yeah!! I'm from Morris, it's a tiny town about 3 hours from Minneapolis.

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    Hey, there. I'm not from Minnesota, although I used to room with someone from there. In any event, I'm answering this one in sort of a community standards capacity. First off, I totally get why you'd make a post like this, so don't take it as anyone yelling at you. It's natural to wonder even if it's just totally abstract whether there are any like you in the vicinity. However, given the sensitive nature of the site in the first place and that we have minors on the site as well, it pushes some of the wrong buttons when someone with just a few posts makes a thread like this. If you stick around and make an effort to be a part of the community you'll see who is close to you and even more importantly, who you share things in common with beyond an interest in diapers. It takes a little effort to be a part of the community, but you'll reap the benefits many times over if you're forthright, honest, and decent

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    I would urge you (if you haven't already) to join WOOT! Minnesota. Its a social group just for us Minnesotans. Also take Trevor's advise, he's a smart guy you know.
    Hope you get more involved in the ADISC community!

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    I am also from Minnesota! (Minneapolis to be more exact) If anyone is interested in chatting send me a PM. I am always looking to meet more of the Minnesotans in the AB/DL community!

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    I'm from a suburb just outside of Minneapolis, however I'm not currently living there. It's good to see more people from the area on ADISC (same for you too mndb19!)

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    I'm from up north MN. There seems to be like 10 or more people that live in MN.

    But like Trevor said, spend a little bit of time around here. You will find allot of friend people.

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    I live in one of the whitest suburbs of Minneapolis and very little happens here. Minnesota is pretty kick-arse for just that reason, though :P Nice and quite with good people.

    Anyways, it's great to see another noble Norse warrior amid the padded population, friend

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    i live in a town no has actually ever herd of lol its called Mayer

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