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Thread: Can Anything be done? (rant)

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    Default Can Anything be done? (rant)

    So I think it is awful that non AB/DL, incontinence/bedwetting sites are inundated by people misrepresenting the AB/DL community by making obnoxious and malicious posts. I think/hope that this is a minority making the majority look bad. In the end, people that already have a hard time with incontinence are prevented from getting the help they need from many internet forums. I know this is nothing new, and I know the complaint is old, but I was just wondering if we could brainstorm about solutions? Maybe we could all commit to report people that post inappropriate things? Maybe I should just roll over and accept it? Tell me what you think.


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    I think the only effect we can have is on people that visit the forums with people with this idea, or pages on an ab/dl site which tell them it is not a proper thing to do. For the rest, Really not really much influence I suppose.

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    There are too many forums and people out there. We have no financial resources at our disposal. Eradicating this problem would be near impossible for us to do, so I don't think we will ever have an effect on it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The forums for people who are incontinent and NOT ab/dl really hate it when ab/dl people post about sexual gratification in relation to diapers. There's some serious resentment. After all, these are people who, by no fault of their own, have to wear diapers or other incontinence products and they essentially get inundated by ab/dl folk who wear diapers recreationaly. You can see how the resentment could happen, eh? It's worse when an ab/dl posts on an incontinence forum "how can I become incontinent?" when the people there absolutely wish they were NOT incontinent.

    In a perfect world, ab/dl people would only post fetish-related ideas on *appropriate* forums. Sadly, the world is unlikely to become perfect anytime soon.

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    We could have a small change, but I mean a minute change, sadly we can't stop those sorts of things happening completely.

    We are one site, and those other sites are more "powerful" than we are. They have more members and are usually the ones young AB/Dls find first, the only way to make a difference is to set the best example possible. Hopefully this will show the incontinent community that a lot of us aren't looking for a fast track to incontinence. We all know it's the minority that makes us look sick but as long as people like us are around there will sadly be people like this, the thing we need to do is just show others that they do not represent us in any way.

    As for the sexual side of this, well we can't exactly help it and they need to understand that. I think the best thing would be for AB/Dls to either not mention the sexual side of things on those forums or just not go to those forums.

    In short, we should educate rather than eradicate.
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    Well, we could cause a logistical shift. It would require some unique and tactful SEO marketing and boosting our page rank, which could be done with some effort by every member here, hm.... this got me thinking.

    We actually might be able to eradicate this problem and control the monitory into our favor.

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    I am totaly confused!

    Does it not state, under the heading "TB/AB/DL/IC Support Community"??????????

    What does "AB" and DL" stand for?

    Now, I agree with some of the previous posts, that someone who is medicaly IC through no fault of their own, has a right to feel offended when some AB makes a post seeking to become IC through drugs or surgury. I agree with you. That is highly offensive to someone who did NOT chose to become incontinent.

    However, we CANNOT afford to become devisive on this issue. We all wear diapers, plain and simple, and we are all hated and feared by a society that has far too many hangups on the issue of either medical incontinentance or infantilism.

    And BTW, as a life-long AB, begining at age 5, I take offensive at someone who says that ABs use diapers "recreationaly". It never was, and never is a free choice for me to wear diapers. I have a NEED to wear diapers and regress that is both deep-seated and emotional.

    A few years ago, I was laying in a hospitle bed awaiting surgury, and wondering if I would live to see the next day. I asked the nurse if I could have a diaper and a teddy bear. She asked me if I was IC and I said no, I have control over my bladder and bowels, but I was scared and lonely and facing surgury and I NEEDED DIAPERS AND A TEDDY BEAR. She went and got me both, and I was able to get through my ordeal.

    Was I using diapers "recreationaly"?

    Let's have a disscusion about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poopy Dydee View Post
    And BTW, as a life-long AB, begining at age 5, I take offensive at someone who says that ABs use diapers "recreationaly". It never was, and never is a free choice for me to wear diapers. I have a NEED to wear diapers and regress that is both deep-seated and emotional.
    While I won't question your emotional desires and your history/causes for your Infantilism, I will say, YES it is a free choice for you to wear. You won't die from not wearing, nor will you have to face any sort of humiliation that someone with incontinence would, if they chose not to wear. Your AB tendencies are purely by choice. There are times which I feel I need a diaper, but, after not having one for MANY years, I can safely tell you, I'm fine. There is a very strong want for them, but my well-being does not depend on me being padded. And, to take offense to someone referring to it as recreational, seems rather immature, in my opinion.

    Onto the subject at hand: No, there is hardly anything we can do. The internet is just far too massive, and there are far too many people in it, to monitor all activity on boards as such.

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    is a psychlogical need a need per se? can we separate need from fun based on severity of the impulse, or the reaction if the need is denied? wE COULD but we would just end up in semantic debate.

    We welcome all who want to be here, but have a target market of ab, tb, dl, plus anyone else who finds us supportive and helpful: husbands, wives, friends, doctors, tailors of diaper wearers. And we do get some of those from time to time.

    Which support forum is right for you depends on the nature of their community, its attitudes, support approaches [say recommending antidepressants to try to eliminate bed-wetting] - more than what its acronym stands for.

    What tees me off - anywhere - is people who don't get to know the place, its customs, its rules, its tone, before jumping in and making like they are part of the crowd. Here, why not read a bunch of intros, to get the feel of how to write one of the sort that is thought well of according to Adisc standards? Not just so a person knows how to write their own good one but so as to get a feel for the what kind of people the'll be mixing with.
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    Butterfly Mage


    What I meant by "recreationally" was that a non-incontinent ab/dl doesn't have a medical need for diapers. I don't discount the psychological angle at all.

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