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Thread: Xbox:MW2 game night?

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    Default Xbox:MW2 game night?

    I was wondering if anyone would wanna do a MW2 game night.

    I'm thinking next weekend. "Sat" night, at 9pm Central.

    Just sign up with your XBL gamer tag.

    My gamer tag is

    ABSOLUT3 Siege

    Your more than welcome to add me any time, or join games. But please note that I play with alot of non ab/dl aware people, an over half are real life friends, or family.
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    Why not do it a Saturday or Friday instead? Like I'm on March break this week, but next week school starts up again and I won't be able to play that long.

    This was fun the last time, we ended up doing private matches since the group got too big.

    Quick tip for anyone who may have just gotten the game or don't play it much, get at least the throwing knife before doing this because everyone running around Rust with throwing knives only is extremely fun.

    PS: Error404 is NOT ALLOWED. People who played last time know >_> lol

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    Well any night next week will work, I'm off all 3. I just picked sunday, as a random day is all.

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    I'm up for doing it again, sunday wouldn't work for me though as parents would be restrictive for time on sunday. School :P

    Friday or saturday would work though, what's everyone elses schedual?

    EDIT: My gamer tag is 'mod maker343' BTW
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    Just about forgot

    Yeah I'm in too, I shouldn't be busy at that time...

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    im in
    gamer tag:catsrule13

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