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Thread: Nocturnal Emmision

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    Default Nocturnal Emmision

    Technical term for "wet dream".

    I know this thread has been started before. But they are all closed and I have a question.

    For the older cats out there. How old were you when you had your last wet dream?

    I am 39 and just had one last night. I'm not worried or anything, but it seems a lot of men stop having them in their teens. I seem to have them every once in a while. And yes, it seems to be related to the time since my last release.

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    Shouldn't this be in the mature section? I never have them since I jack off like...Uhh...A teenager. I believe in another thread, someone said that has an effect on how often wet dreams happen.

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    I wouldn't worry about it, at your advanced age you should be glad you can still do it...LOL

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    I've never had one, and my dad's only had one when he was 40 something.

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    I have never had a wet dream ever and I am a pretty horny person in general.

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    First when I was 14, second (and last) when I was 20.

    As others have said above, and I said in another thread, if you ejaculate every few days, you probably won't ever have one. That time when I was twenty was after I'd spent the whole day with a really cute girl, but I was at a friend's house so I couldn't "relieve myself" afterwards, so it's a case of over time and/or being really horny

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    Consider yourself lucky to still have an active libido! And I don't think there is an age limit.

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    Had one when I was 13 I think. I still wet the bed but I don't think it's due to wet dreams.

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    I remember it well, I was 11 or 12 and had a dream about the chick on "We Got It Maid" which was a bad 80's sit com that lasted 1 season I think... I remember waking up and being like wtf? Started masturbating pretty regularly after that and it never happened again.


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