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    Hello all. I am 42, male, married with 2 kids (boy and girl) and live in Houston. I am a DL but with AB/Sissy tendancies. For me my desires began back when I was around 10 (at least when I first remember). I used to think it was just me until the internet and discovered others through AOL when they had the chat room "diapers" where I conversed with many others. Amazing the effect the internet has had on the world.

    I have probably tried a hundred different diapers over the years including many in Europe while living there for a while and my favorite is Bambino's for fit and absorbency. I like cloth but I find them too difficult to wash and I find they tend to be more likely to leak. I also like my diapers snug and really struggle pinning cloth diapers without them drooping. I clearly have a preference for things pink and like to think it keeps me in touch with my feminine side.

    My wife is well aware of all my desires although does not participate. I wear diapers to bed a lot but will wear sweats or PJ bottoms so I am not so "out there" in front of her. I think her biggest fear about my wearing diapers is that someone might find out including our kids but other then that she is very accepting. One time we had problem where our CC info was stolen so she was checking charges and sent me a note "Did you buy something from a place called bottom half group".....all I had to do was send her a note back to think about the name......her response....."ohhhh, got it!"

    I like to think I am relatively normal other then this being my "thing". I do like to ride my motorcycle (although have trouble finding time to ride), music, reading, and taking naps!!. Huge pro football fan, baseball and now and then get to watch some NASCAR. Also love to follow the stock market and do my own trading with last year being a great year!

    Glad to find a forum such as this as it helps to get others perspective on topics that can't be discussed with current circle of friends.


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    Welcome to ADISC!
    It's good that your significant other is so open about your diapers.
    What are some other thing you like to do?

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