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    thats right, richard sharpe, played by the ruggedly handsome sean bean in the awsome novel and tv movie series thought up originally by bernard cornwall.

    i only recently discovered it, and i love it. absolutely love his style of charascter, the sharphooter battallions like the ranger corps in rangers apprentice.

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    I've read or listened to many of the books and was really looking forward to the films when they first started coming out a few years ago. However, as with most film-adaptations of books I like, they didn't live up to my expectations.

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    welll, despite that aparent fact.. i really really liked the episodes ive seen, namely sharpes rifles, eagle regiment and seige.
    i particularly liked Hogan, i duno what hogans like in the books but brian cox sems a good role for such a character.

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    I've read quite a few of the books, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

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    not just the sharpe series, seems bernard really has some good writing talent making stories based around the various wars of englands history, the sharpp series, the grail series, the one of 'the pale horsemen' which is the viking age another standalone book on agincourt

    VERY talented

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    yup, i see what you guys mean about the books V the TV series, i read sharps battle in a coupla days, THEN i watched the TV movie on youtube.. i must say WOW what a differenceespecially in the scope of the two, with the movies concentrating ALOT more onthe personal moves and intruige, leaving out the wider, political and military subtleties that are in the book.

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