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Thread: Teacher calls a student a loser

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    Default Teacher calls a student a loser

    A teacher in Buncombe county, North Caralina wrote "-20% for beling a loser" on a 6th graders paper.


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    Wow... the teacher is an idiot. Did he actually think that would go over well?

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    Yeah, I read this on yahoo today. What a jerk. I think the girl was only in the sixth grade. Very unproffesional.

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    Teacher should get -20% off his paycheck for being a retard... BA-ZING!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Teacher should get -20% of his paycheck for being a retard... BA-ZING!
    I lol'd

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    Wow that teacher is a jackass.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    The guys a dick, but how did this make international news?
    The whole world had a slow news day I guess.

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    I wish more teachers would tell students this.

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    What's interesting about this to me is that this happens all the time. I've seen teachers like this, and what usually happens is half of the class loves them and half of the class hates them. I'm surprised this has made the news, since I'm sure parents complain about this kind of stuff all of the time. It might be because it's a 6th grade girl, whereas usually these kind of teachers teach high school.

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