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Thread: High Cut Legs: An Absolute Essential

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    Default High Cut Legs: An Absolute Essential

    The thread about the Redemption movie got me thinking today. The diaper in the vid was one with a high cut leg and just one tape. Kind of like a bikini-cut diaper. I think it was one of the best looking ab/dl diapers I've seen and I really think it is because of the high cut. There are diapers out there that have just one tape, but I don't understand why someone that wants to make an ab/dl diaper wouldn't try to mimic this important feature of a baby diaper.

    Some exceptions are the Wings 3d HL, but they have next to no absorbency. They are really awesome looking though. And I know that the Cushies have just one tape, but I think there is still too much plastic around the legs.

    Your thoughts?

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    Ya you're right. Even the Cushies don't seem to really have the tape size/plastic thing right. hmmm...
    Time to get out the scissors, packaging tape, and the scientific method. Solve this question the old fashioned way, with SCIENCE!

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    Babies are shaped different than adults.
    Snug plastic around legs = leakage protection. Bikini on adult = Leg leaks.
    Try using belted undergarments sometime if you need firsthand experience. Wet pants in any position besides standing up is almost a guarantee.

    Looks might be important to you, but diapers DO still have a purpose to serve.. just throwing that out there.

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    I disagree with the above post. A high cut brief can still be snug, much more than a belted brief.

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    adults have alot longer cores and waists that an infant, the diaper needs the extra tape, or at least a long one going far enough down to keep the bottom of the front tight, also, with the lack of stretch in the sides of adult diapers, the bottom of the back cannot be pulled snug like a pampers, therefore loosening the front more. we could get away with it IF the sides, all the way back to the padding, was elastic like cruisers

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    You should check out the shape of the wings 3d HL. THere is no absorbency, but the fit is snug and containment is good. They have a high leg and one tape per side.

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    The diaper in the video looks like it wouldn't be a good seal. I agree that bikini style could work on certain people, but I'd also think they'd probably need to come in a dozen sizes to cover the current adult range.

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