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Thread: Need to find a special Diaper

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    Default Need to find a special Diaper

    Ok here is the skinny.

    I need to find the thickest and most cruel disposable diaper out there. I am about to punish someone and this person is going to spend the entire spring break week in diapers.

    However I need the best punishment diaper around.

    Any suggestions are welcome.


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    Just use multiples in graduating sizes, with cuts in the inner diapers to let the flow thru, duct tape the inner diapers in place on the tabs so they will not move or pop off.

    If you get leakage just change the outer diaper.

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    I would agree the Abena X-plus are the thickest I have worn and if you put 2 on them it would be difficult to walk fuctionally.

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    From my experience Abena's do not double with one another well.
    I would suggest a lower quality stuffer like Attends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildishDaze View Post
    Ok here is the skinny.

    I need to find the ..... most cruel disposable diaper out there.

    Just draw some teeth on your diaper of choice to emphasize it's angry nature.

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    From my experience, the most cruel would be any kind of Depends pullup... They have the holding power of a Q-tip... If you're asking for something that holds but is uncomfortable, I don't have any suggestions. I'm tiny, so nothing really squeezes me uncomfortably. But Rathe has a funny suggestion.

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    A crappy thick diaper that leaks, so depends overnights

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    Depends overnights don't exist any longer. It is now Depends fitted maximum protection; and they are the best diapers you can buy from a store by far.

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