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    Maybe I'm getting old and addled but I sure could use a friend to help

    me along here. I've worn diapers for pleasure and fun and at times

    necessity all my life. At the age of 7 I was sexually abused and

    diapers and dresses were part of this guy's deal. I also wet the

    bed at times most of my life. I'm a Rhopdes Islander and would

    love to just have coffee and chat with a local. I know that there

    are a few of you nearby. Love to hear from others. Thank you!

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    Members of adisc usually like to see in introductions a little about you beyond the *b/dl stuff....also adisc isn't a dating site and its against the rules here to post looking for people but I'm not sure if looking for local "friends" to meet for coffee count. I'm sure a moderator well answer that soon...any how I'm not a stiff person and feel free to add me on any of the messengers. Look on my profile...

    Welcome to adisc

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    As you can imagine, and for many obvious reasons we encourage getting to know a person well before meeting in rl. Never mind that dl-bashers might want to lure someone into the open (you could be one for all we know; or one might take advantage of your trusting nature) - there is the simple matter of compatibility: sharing a fetish is no more likely to be the basis of how well you will like them than, say both liking the same sports team or having the same profession.

    knowing something of your personality is key: knowing if you are mean or nice, smart or dumb, mature or immature, trustworthy or not, and on and on.

    DPF - a long-standing diaper site recently died and they were more about getting local diaper enthusiasts together... are you by chance a former dpf-er?

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