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Thread: WOW! I can't believe it! Like a damned dream lol :)

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    Default WOW! I can't believe it! Like a damned dream lol :)

    Well.. I have recently been working on my car.. a lot.
    The car was stalling out randomly and I'd have to kick the muffler when it was cold, it was also hesitating badly.. Well, I replaced my Catalytic Converter with a Magnaflow, and I noted that the issues were still happening, even though there was no check engine light on anymore...

    I did some hard-core Googling and I found a forum that recommended cleaning the throttle body and replacing the Idle Air Control Sesnor.

    Well.. I did this and now it runs like a dream. Sounds like a diesel to boot (high flow cat) I guess that Honda ain't so bad after all eh?

    WOW! I mean.. this is crazy lol. To actually turn a car I hate into a car I enjoy driving. Great

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    Automotive forums. One of the things I've come to love about the internet. They've saved me from a number of expensive and time consuming mistakes the last few years.

    My wife's car has similar issues at the moment, and IAC is high on the list of things to check.

    I find it ironic that many of my car difficulties are caused by government attempts to "improve" my life. All these emissions gizmos increase fuel use, increase failure rates, and make repair more difficult and more expensive. At the end of the day, what have we gained.

    I understand your elation Timmah, well done.

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    Congrats on your success in repairing your car. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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    I had to clean the throttle body and change the O sensor in my 96 Jeep Cherokee. It too runs like a champ. I can burn the tires in first gear, and they're knobby.

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    that's cool. I have a "new" carburetor waiting for my Chevy and I'm hoping that gets her running better.

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    It looks like my work is not through. I am getting a random misfire on cylinder #3. Guess I am changing the spark plugs. But other than that I'm good!

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    Check the boots on the spark plug wires while you're at it. I found that water could get in around the boot seals and cause the plugs to short on my '98 CRV under the right circumstances.

    Also if you haven't ever had the valves checked you probably should do it. There is a little known TSB that suggests adjusting the valves on the B20b every 30,000 miles. I burnt an exhaust valve and had to do a head job at 130k miles b/c I didn't ever check them.

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    Yeah I have heard about adjusting the valves.. I'm going to review the procedure and decide on whether I ought to pay someone to have it done or do it myself - Thanks..

    I also get this weird phantom metallic CLUNK! when I shift into reverse from a cold start. Any suggestions? Also revving the engine past 4k, when winding down there is a rattle coming from the from left hand side..

    I am used to working on Diesels..

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    The clunk was there on mine too. It seemed to be an issue of the transmission getting bound up if you didn't set the e-brake before letting off the gas after placing the car in park. I have a 2008 CRV now and it does the same thing, and my brother has my 98 still at its nearing 200k and has had the clunk the whole time. I can't imagine its anything too terrible.

    The valve adjustment is pretty easy if you google it and find a pictorial walk through. All you need is a couple of small wrenches (I forget what size it is) and a set of feeler gauges (cheap at your local auto place).

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    Hmm... I think I need to do that. I did some extra work on it last night, but that is something I have suspicions about, because it is starting to ride rough.. and I have heard horror stories.[COLOR="Silver"]

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