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    I was just at Martin's -- a grocery store around here -- and I got a pack of 16 Tena Super-Plus Pull-Ups for $6.49. It said that the item was being discontinued, so they were on clearance.

    I've never actually used adult diapers before, except for a couple of ATNs a TB I was with let me have about a year ago. I always have just worn the girl Goodnites, girl Underjams, and girl Pull-Ups. I get them for the cuteness, not for the absorbency, obviously. -- Now, they had no small packs of Goodnites at this store and I didn't want to spend 15 bucks for a big pack, so I got the Tenas. So, this absorbency is pretty amazing for me. Is this considered a good adult diaper? What do you guys think of it?

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    I have not heard good things about them... Walgreen's is also clearing them out. I want to say the price went down to about $3.00 per pack. I was going to buy some but the Medium in way too big.

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    All I know is that in Canada, there is a very limited selection of Tena products.

    They have a lineup of like 10 different pads, 2 pull-ups and 1 diaper "Tena Breif Ultimate"

    I'd love to try the brief but I hate buying in store, so I always order online.

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    Well, I was able to go through a couple of wettings without a problem. I'm laying around in a wet one right now. They seem to work fine, to me. -shrug- Kind of boring, though, since they don't have the cute little pictures I'm used to. -.-

    However, despite the fact that they are marketed as unisex, it seems like they don't have much in the front for me. So, I have to point down for them to work right. It just feels like these would be much better for women than for men.
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    So let's hope they replace them with something better?

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    they have a variation of there pull ups it seems ,
    not too shure what they have now or if there trim fit and what not ,

    basing on samples there is quite the difrence from a few of them i have here ,
    kinda hard to say with not seing or knowing what you have in hand seems tena have quite a varity of same products with allot of variation

    i tend to find the small ones that are not thin cut , and that have like a snug whole front snug like elastic ish
    fit me nice

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    Why don't they just make tena like in the euro countries? Nothing wrong with those.

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