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Thread: Sleeping in a messy diaper

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    Default Sleeping in a messy diaper

    Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what was the experience like and what was the aftermath?

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    umm... yeah

    My advice would be to not do this unless you are willing to wash ALL of your bedding (blankets, sheets, etc). When I got up, it was kinda gross (but fun) because my diaper was no longer quite as warm and cozy. and the smell stayed in my bedding pretty much to the point where i couldn't smell it without gagging.

    It's worth it for the experience, and I'm definitely going to do it again.... just when I'm willing to wash everything i sleep with.

    sorry if this post is too gross or graphic

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    i did it one time, i never had problems with the mess spreading to the sheets and whatnot. When i woke up it smelt horrid. I wouldn't do it again, but then again Castrum likes it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taiance View Post
    i did it one time, i never had problems with the mess spreading to the sheets and whatnot. When i woke up it smelt horrid

    the mess didn't spread, the smell just stayed in the sheets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Taiance View Post
    I wouldn't do it again, but then again Castrum likes it.
    ......god damnit

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    I've napped an hour or two without any issues but never tryed over night.

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    It could see it ending badly...

    Best to put on some good cream (ie, Desitin) to protect against rashes. Then pray for no leaks.

    If you're living with your parents or anybody with a functional nose who will try to enter your room in the morning... they might wonder what happened in there

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    Tried this once and was actually awoken by it after it sorta...cooled off...worst 3 AM cleanup ever, heh

    I'd say try it for yourself when you get some alone time if you want...ya might like it more than me

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    i would think the rash would be horrible!
    Should be fine if the diaper isn't letting any of the urine out(Press-out upon weight), as that's mostly was causes rashes(Ammonia, there is a catalyst for converting parts of urine to ammonia in feces)

    Though if you wanna be safe, use something like desitin(Sunblock with Iron Oxide can work in a pinch as well!)

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    Well when im in a mood i will occasionally spent the night in a messy diaper. ANd i wake up with some times a bad smell, depends on wut ive been eating. and with plenty powder and cream to protect against rash. ANd be prepared for a long cleanup.

    But i kinda like waking up in a messy diaper. Guess im weird.

    But i will give some tips.

    1. Be prepared for a messy clean up
    2. Have a deodorizer handy
    3. Makes sure you have plenty of powder to prevent rashes. Even if you have tough skin. (i do, but i still need to use some powder)
    4. Make sure your diapers can handle the mess moveing around all night. Plastic pants never hurt.
    5. Be prepaired for a big cleanup job when you wake up.

    If anyone wants to ask me more about my expirences. just ask ^_^.

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