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    I have been using Babykins' Light-Weight vinyl pants and their Medium-Weight vinyl pants (mostly the Medium-Weight because they last longer) for along while now and love them both. My wife always washes them by hand, hangs them on a clothes hanger in the bathroom, and even the Light-Weight ones usually last more then a year.

    It is almost time to replace them and I am thinking of trying their 100% Polyester, 100% Nylon, and maybe their 100% Natural Rubber pants this time. Has anyone here had experience with these different material waterproof pants and could tell me if we should try them or not? Are they worth the extra money? Do they last longer then the vinyl ones, etc.?

    Thank you.

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    I have the 100% polyester ones. They should last a long, long, long time. Really tough stuff, and quality construction. The material is heavyweight and won't harden with use (exposure to skin oils, lotion, etc. won't harm it). They can be machine washed and put in the dryer (don't torch them, 10-15 minutes is good), and I have done it a couple times to no ill effect. However, I usually hand wash them. Habit, I guess. But they're definitely worth the extra cost.

    One thing to keep in mind: the interior is actually fabric (and I'm not talking about the terry-lined ones, either), which is coated by the waterproofing material. There is a tendency for some wetness to wick from this fabric to the fabric-covered leg gathers. It's not particularly problematic, but you might want to change before you're totally soaked to minimize the wicking.

    If anyone has the nylon ones, please chime in. I've been wanting to try them. The polyester pants are good, but I would like something a bit lighter weight and still durable.

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    I say try them all, you might be surprised by which you enjoy. In my experience latex is the most unique: it has its own "floppy" sound, fragrance, is the most leakproof, and, if cared for, is very durable. you have to be careful as while its tear strength is high, ie it resists tearing in the first place, if it does tear, even if it just gets a pinhole, it'll get runaway tearing under the slightest stress.

    If you could say what features you like it might narrow your search and help us give more useful advice...

    Do you prefer shiny/ frosted/matte/opaque?

    Crinkly or silent?

    Is breathability important?

    Prints or not?

    Stretchy or shaped?

    Used over cloth or disposable or nothing?

    How limited Is your budget per pair or overall?

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    I use them over the Adultclothdiaper flat gauze diapers. I just like my pants to be as "babyish" as can be, but at the same time "protective" because I wear diapers every night and wet alot (most of the time in my sleep now, after nearly 10 years of nonstop night wearing), and my wife doesn't want any wet beds! I have 12 pants at the moment and rotate them each night so they last pretty long. I would just like to try the other pants just to have something different.

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    In that case, I would give each one (polyester, nylon, and rubber) a try. Then, order more of the one that is best for your needs.

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    I have all of the above from Babykins (they are my fave) and here are my thoughts about them.

    Polyester: tough as nails- bombproof, really. Very quiet to wear, although because of the full cut for wearing over cloth and the extra weight of the material, I find that they tend to sag like the waistband isn't quite strong enough. Or maybe I need a size down. They don't breathe at all. I have the plain and a terry lined pair, they are several years old and show almost no wear. The only issue I'm having with any of them is that the elastic in the leg/waist bands are starting to fray somewhat. Not a complaint, I have gotten more than fair use out of them

    Nylon: My personal favorite. I think I must have worn them as a toddler, (nylon, not babykins) 'cause when I got my first pair it was like "Oh Yeah!"! Lighter weight than the poly, and they make a rustly/crinkly sound that I dig. I have worn them just about anywhere, and the only time you might notice is if you are walking in a very quiet hall/room. These breathe somewhat, so the sweat factor isn't quite as bad. After a year of fairly frequent wearing, I find the pants get stiffer inside the the leg holes in the crotch area where the fabric probably gets the most friction/ bodyheat and after that at some point the coating in the pants will begin to crack and flake. Since I wear mine as backup for disposable diapers, it's not as big a problem for me.

    Rubber: I'm sure these are the most durable option, but I can count the number of times I have worn 'em on one hand. If you don't powder them, they will pull EVERY hair they can get to. I feel like I'm wearing a water bottle 'cause the rubber is pretty thick and with the full cut of the pants I can feel the extra material rubbing my legs below my diaper area when I walk at times.

    I would really like to have a terry lined nylon pair but they don't make that combo. That said, If I could only buy one, it would be the nylon.

    How in the heck did you get a year out of the light vinyl? Mine started getting itty bitty splits in different spots after only three months!

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    I have a couple pairs of the polyester water proof pants from Babykins too. They work very well and last a long time. I normally wear them over my Babykins terry lined plastic pants and a disposable diaper underneath. So far I have not had any bad luck with the Babykins products I also use their pull on diapers and Velcro ones too. Good luck with your choice Grandpa and hope that you pick some nice water proof pants that work out very well for you.

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    Thank you all for the reports, especially you, Lil Snap. I think I will order the polyester and Nylon.

    I got over a year out of the light vinyl because I have 12 pants and I only wear them at nighttime. So I only use each one 2, or at the most, 3 times a month. And they are washed by hand (almost all the time just plain water, no soap) very gently. And I think nighttime use is probably easier on them then daytime use. Especially since I wear Babykins Onezies over them and I would think that that protects them from wear also.

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