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    Hello everyone,
    I really never know how to word things right on these things so I am just going to put everything out there, as a way of coming clean (kinda)
    I am a 22 year old male, who has a burning desire to wear girls clothing and diapers. Right now as I sit here and type this, I am wearing pink socks, guitar hero fleece jammie pants, a brown element shirt, and a pink pull-up (cvs brand training pants, not the nice huggies brand ). I spent four years in the active duty military, not diapered the whole time, and have recently have got out. I moved back home to live with my parents who know nothing of my life. I try to wear every night but that never seems to work out the way I want. I am interested in talking to others that are like me, someone I can talk fashion too, I love talking about shoes, or diapers with, or even just life in general, give me a shout out...

    P.S. I may also be working on a story shortly about a young boy who gets taken in by a foster mommy and learns the joy of being a girl, which is something that he has always wanted

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    Welcome to the forums Girlypullups!
    We have a few others here that also served in the military.
    What else are you interested in(Film, reading, writing, gaming, etc.)?

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