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    I suppose I better pony up and post a few juicy details.
    I'm scared to death of being outed. I've only ever told one person about liking diapers (ask me about the experience and I will tell), and live as far Northas you can get in this country.

    I only like baby diapers and I love snow and all the sports that come with it.
    I have no problem answering questions.

    I also ride motorcycles and love anything that goes fast and have climbed several mountains.
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    Welcome to the forums!
    I also live in the Northern US.
    Just a tip, you can edit your posts by clicking the edit button in the bottom right of your post, that way you wont have three post in a row. What other Interests do you have? Play many games? read any books? have a favorite movie? Just tell us some things that will help us get to know you.
    Again welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome to this here place! i don't know if northern california counts as north but yeah.

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    thisuser: Thanks, I was trying to find that (:
    I play some games, yes...I play soccer in college, and a bit of video games here and there.
    I love books and read way too much. I'm not sure if this post will allow a list of my favoriate movies, it is quite copious!
    Castrum: Thanks! I guess that could count, but I am quite a bit further North than that!

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