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Thread: New Depend Underwear....Again

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    Default New Depend Underwear....Again

    Depend goes upscale with new undergarments | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters

    Kimberly-Clark is changing the design of their Depend Underwear...again. Even with a new design, I'm guessing there still going to suck >.>.

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    Agreed, anything depend makes usually comes out badly made and with no thought put into it.

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    If they want us to wet our undies so bad they should just tell us...

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    Uh, yeah. If you think that current depends are weak, you might actually be better peeing into a pair of briefs than these. Not too mention the uberhuge price for such a low quality diaper.
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    i actually like these... (mostly the idea, but i have tried depends pullups and with a good stuffer they are quite good)

    the only thing i dont like is that there are only 6 in a pack... i think thats stupid... if people are incontinent... they dont only use 6 diapers...

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    It just looks like that for people like me who can't order on-line, our options are just getting
    more limited (and less absorbent)

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    toilet paper is more absorbent than a depends

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    Hopefully they will at least be a little cuter even if they don't absorb worth a crap

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    Butterfly Mage


    Lower quality, higher price! Yay :P

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    As a person that works at Walgreens and sees Depends diapers on a daily basis I can only confirm what has been said about the new depends. They have gotten thinner, less absorbant, and of course more expensive. Darn it how will our elderly costumers that have bladder problems continue to afford them if they keep increasing the price.

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