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Thread: Of legal age?

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    Default Of legal age?

    Alright, I was thinking of this scenario today and thought I would ask the community.

    Alright, first from the teen POV:

    You are 18 and one of your best friends is turning 18, so you are contemplating buying them a cigar and/or a lotto ticket, would you?

    Adult POV:

    What would your reaction be if your child received one of this items as a gift?

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    Lotto ticket: who cares?

    Cigar: Depends on multiple factors. If they are already a smoker, who cares? If they are not a smoker, why get them a cigar? If they just want to try it, see if they have an addictive personality. If they get addicted easily, they might get hooked, so you'd avoid it, but if they want to try it and don't plan on doing it again, then I don't see the problem.

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    Well... considering I've actually done that, plus gave them a bottle of alcohol... I would say I have no obligations to the idea.

    As an adult, I'd probably warn them of the dangers and make sure they know what they're doing, but I wouldn't stop them. If I was a good parent then during their upbringing I would have taught them about how to differentiate right and wrong, and that they should know the consequences and their own limits.

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    Absolutely I would! Just buying them a cigar isn't going to turn them in to a nicotine addict over night. You only turn 18 once, you might as well celebrate by shortening your life just a bit

    I remember I bought cigarettes on my 18th birthday; when my parents (neither of whom smokes) found out, they just kinda shrugged and said, "well, you're an adult now, you make your own decisions" and that was the end of it.

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    Hehe, Lottery tickets are only 16+ items here (tobacco too until recently!).
    I'd happily buy a friend a cigar for their 18th, and probably throw in a bottle of harsh spirit too!

    If I was a father and my 18 year old kid received those gifts I'd be fine with that (I'd be upset if they didn't receive alcohol!).

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    I don't see a problem here. I've done it before, and if I was a parent I wouldn't care much. Cigars haven't been demonized like cigarettes have, so I'd think you're in the clear on this one. Just make sure you tell them how to smoke the cigar before they light up.

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    Do yourself a favor and skip both one habit is as bad as the other, gambling only leads to more debt thinking the next big win is just around the corner, smoking leads to death with nothing around the next corner.

    Go buy yourself something that you would not normally buy, spend a few dollars on something you will remember for a long time.

    Just remember with lotto you have a better chance of getting hit with lightning than winning.

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    Lotto - whatever

    Cigar - I'd consider it a bad idea. It's a habit you don't want anyone to get in to, especially not a friend. Depending on their views of smoking, they may actually be insulted by this (I know I would)

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    I would.

    I mean, some people in this thread don't seem to get that he's not gonna immediately take up cigar smoking and gambling as soon as you hand over the goods. Its just a funny little "you're 18 lole" kinda thing and I say go with it.

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    First of all, doing stuff you can only do as an adult shortly after your 18th birthday is a classic. Nothing wrong with getting a little help/incentives from your friends.

    From a parent's point of view: It's kind of pointless to be annoyed if your child is old enough to make the decision to buy lottery tickets or cigarettes on their own and then gets that stuff as a gift. Surely, no one will pick up smoking just because someone once gave them a cigar!

    On a short note for Europeans suggesting getting the kid some booze: Americans can't legally drink until they'Re 21, so that'll have to wait another 3 years!


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