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Thread: Seen buying diapers

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    Default Seen buying diapers

    I was out shopping with my wife on Saturday, I normally don't have Sats off so I decided to spend it with her. I decided while we were away from our town and hence figuring we would not run into anyone we know to grab some more Pull ups for myself. I went into a Walgreen's and grabbed a couple of bags of the Tena Male Underwear and headed to the checkout back in the pharmacy section to avoid the front of the store. I got in line and this guy who is right in front of me turns around and it is one of our Assistant Chiefs ( I am Cop), of course he sees it is me and turns around to talk and looks down at what I have under my arm. He never mentioned them, but ht ere is no way he could have missed them. No on at work knows about my incontinence and i was really stressed out by him seeing me buying my supplies. I don't see him as the type who is going to go blabbing it around the station house, but then again you never know.
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    Aw man, would you consider talking to him asking to keep it to himself? I surely wouldn't want to piss off a cop

    Don't really know what to suggest, if you struggle to get a conversation going before asking him to keep quiet just casually say what was he buying there, then just say what you saw, keep it to yourself please.

    Good luck

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well, just because you bought the product for yourself doesn't mean that it's assumed by others that you did so. You could just as easily have purchased the product for some other relative. Most people equate adult diapers with "old person" even though there are quite a few causes for incontinence in young people too.

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    I would just let it drop. If he is an Assistant Chief then he should be politically minded enough to keep from chatting around the watter cooler, "Does Joe have an elderly relative that lives with him, because the other day I was in a store ..."

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    If you're incontinent then it is a private and personal medical issue. If he were to spread amongst co-workers that he saw this, then there would be repercussions.

    It sucks, but hopefully he respects your privacy.

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    He probably most likely figured you were purchasing it for someone else.

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    I am a Firefighter/ Medic and incontinent and would also be mortified if anyone saw me. Like you no one knows about it at work. But it has been said above you can always use a relitive that is elderly, incontinence in the young is starting to be know but for the longest time adult diapers were veiwed only for old people not young so you shold be safe. Good luck

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    I believe you are protected by the People with Disabilities Act, a federal enactment. Only a very foolish person would make your life difficult by talking about it. If someone does, you might remind them of that.

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    At the worst he would assume something like a prostate problem/overactive bladder. That is super common and not a big deal.

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    He should be a normal, polite person. (plus hes a cheif, so Hes supposed to be a good citizen)

    Its not realy soccialy acceptable to run around telling everyone when someone has a problem like that, he probably wont bring it up either, as that would be REALY rude.

    And like others have said, he would get in trouble if he told your co-workers, and being a cheif he probably knows this. So he wont likely tell anyone.

    Just chill, act like it never happened. Thats what hes going to do.

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