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Thread: canadian diaper supplers??

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    Default canadian diaper supplers??

    i have been buying my diapers from a suppler in Canada but the name B4NS. now i have seen a few other places around Canada that sell diapers but i can find them anymore.

    i was wondering if any one out there knows of a Canadian suppler of diapers out there that either sell, Molicare, secure, Abena, or any other good diapers

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    Sorry but I'm too lazy to find the website of the supplier. There is a Canadian supplier based out of Calgary I believe that sells Bambinos. If not Calgary then it is somewhere in Alberta. I know because I've chatted with several of their customers and apparently they organize an AB/DL camping trip every summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenshi View Post
    Sorry but I'm too lazy to find the website of the supplier.
    She was based in Edmonton and her business folded a while back. Something about her being injured and not living up to contractual obligations.

    Someone else does the camping trip now.

    Your best bet for finding diapers is really a local medical supply store. Shipping in Canada is just expensive.

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    if the suppler is in canada its not s expensive, and most medical supply stores dont carry the abena and molicare unless you ask them to bring it in. and when that starts to happen they start asking you if you want the proper receipt so u can claim it, and i dont want to go though that headache anymore.

    shipping it across the border is worse hence why im trying to find a place in canada to get them from.

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    B4NS. Ships out of Quebec. Fast, and carries Abena and Bambino. You pay a premium (it's like $2.40-$2.70 a diaper) But I've ordered twice and been happy.

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    b4ns is where i ussually get my diapers but currently they not stocking the abena extra, so im looking for someone else that shipps and sells diapers, nothing yet, so i may have to start ordering diapers from the states, but i know duity across the border will kill the cheapness of the diapers

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    Unless you can find a local medical supply, b4ns is your best bet (for sposies anyway)

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    Anyone know of the shoppers in calgary that is selling X-plus?

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