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Thread: Yup... another sibling thread.

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    Question Yup... another sibling thread.

    Does anyone wish they were born an only child? Every "only child" I know has always wanted a sibling, so I've wondered who is the other way.

    I have a fairly poor relationship with my siblings. My oldest brother always made sure that I was separated from my other brothers. He encouraged them to tease me and stuff growing up and if I tried to defend myself he'd start to beat me up. Most people say stand up to him, but he hit puberty around grade 3-4 and I didn't really hit puberty until grade 9. I also had an undiagnosed disease that stunted my growth when I was around 2-3 so my older brother has been pretty much a foot taller than me and fifty pounds heavier for most of my life. Any kind of fight was extremely one-sided for me, especially since I hate violence. I don't even like yelling.

    For some extremely unknown reason I'm also my sister's least favourite. She's the youngest and looks up to my older brother and my younger (but not youngest) brother. I'm much nicer to her then them and somehow everything is my fault with her. For instance my older brother called me a d-bag (as in said dee-bag, instead of the actual word). My sister asked him what a d-bag is (she is 10 and the most naive girl in the world). My brother than laughed at her and said "You said a word worse than 'crap'" and it made her cry (Yes, I know he is extremely immature and my sister is an extreme goody-goody). anyway, the point of the story is my sister got angry at ME. For some reason it was MY fault for being called a d-bag when she didn't know what it meant.

    My brothers are the same to this day, constantly teasing me and such. I'm just used to it and no longer care so I don't bother fighting back, I still know that I wouldn't want to be an only child. My older brother is the only one I really think I'd prefer never knowing, because even when he does something nice it seems more like he is doing something political than being genuinely nice. I really enjoy my younger brother's company when my older brother isn't around. He's actually really nice when he isn't trying to show off by making fun of me, I know he's the only one that I would genuinely be heartbroken over losing. My youngest brother has only recently become tolerable. He's always been unintentionally destructive, so growing up was a burden, but now that he is more careful and I've stopped acting so defensively towards him I can see a strong relationship possibly developing. My sister is nice, and I would miss her if she were gone, but not so much as my younger brother.

    So, in summation, I don't think I would like to be an only child. I really appreciate having siblings that have my back if anything goes sour. If anyone goes through the threads I've posted, you may come to the conclusion that my siblings are a big part of my life, because they are. I've never had to deal with bullies because people know that, as angry as we are at each other, we are willing to fight someone at the drop of a hat if they try to pull anything. There are plenty of benefits to being an only child (like my parents would have a lot more money to spend on me , and I'd have more privacy), but I prefer having the company.

    What about you guys?

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    I am myself an only child. It looks appealing, yeah. You solve the siblings problem (arguments, sharing and all the stuff), but it comes with its lot of problems.

    The biggest one is the socializing problem. An only child lives in his little world. He has everything easily (no fights with siblings to get the Xbox 360 for example). It's kinda like a domestic cat, which will never survive in the wild, because he never hunted anything.

    I have this problem. I got used to be alone before entering in kindergarten, so I was uncomfortable socializing (and still am, BTW).

    Well, I could explain a lot more, but it'd take like 3 pages

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    I don't think my life would go well as an only child. If that were to happen my tb life would have been bottled up too long and I would have just lost it and done somthing drastic. Plus I woulden't get to hang out with some of the people I know today.
    Besides I like my brother even though he can be slighly annoying, and I look up to my sister(even if she sometimes talks to me like im crap. mostly around her boyfriend.) so why would I? But I look at it from there view points rather than mine to help make sure im not being as anoying. We all need to keep that in mind if our siblings are being mean or anoying.

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    Although I have an older half brother he didn't live with us until I was 10 so for the longest time I wanted a little brother.

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    My brother is Seven years older then I am. We had the problems that you would expect between a 7 and 14 year old brother. But we also had lots of fun. He ended up getting him/us into trouble sometimes, but it was all in good fun.

    Like the pizza shaped grease stain on the ceeling

    *Brother keeps throwing pizza at the ceeling, it sticks for a while and comes down, it was halarious as we rember it*

    brother: Ah! it wont come down!
    me: Give it a few more seconds?
    *waits, nothing happens*

    *Brother gets the swiffer, stands on the chair and starts BEATING the pizza,f and it didnt come down untill the third time he hit it, must have had some suction action with grease/pizza pores?*

    To this date, our parents have no idea why there is a trianglular-ish stain above his seat at the table. Cant help but smile when I see that

    Now a-days, we dont socialize as much, hes 21, going on 22. We might talk a bit, occasionaly play some MW2.

    I would not wish so. I may have said that at some times, but I think it was worth it.

    (besides, how else would I have gotten my hands on a playstation? :P)

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    I am an only child and I had mixed feelings about it. I was lonely a lot, so going out and having friends was important. On the other hand, I didn't have to share anything with a brother or sister. I had the entire attic area of my parent's house as my bedroom and sitting room. It gave me a lot of privacy for the diaper thing and other obvious things. Of course as an adult, I enjoy having my own space and things my way, with regard to my wife.

    The two of us are a great team, however. We have very similar likes, so things work out well for me.

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    The solution is pretty simple: People always want what they don't have. Only children want siblings, while kids with siblings are sick of the rivalry among siblings and the need to divide their parents' attention among all kids.


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    I have younger (3 years) sister, and we get on great!
    I think it's different when it's brother and sister, there's not the same rivalry there. She could be annoying at times, but I couldn't imagine growing up without her.

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    I love having my older brother around. I mean sure sometimes we would fight, but most of the time we got along great.

    I think the reason it worked out so well was because we are three years apart in age. I was never able to beat my brother at anything since he was always three years ahead of me in everything so no real rivalry could exist between us. On the other hand since we were only three years apart we could still play together on the same level.

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    I have 2 sisters, one older and the younger who doesn't live with me.

    I always wanted a little bro, god my life would be perfect if i just had a younger brother to be a role model to . Someone who looks to me for help, someone who i can help out you know? Just be able to make their child hood better, being the cool older bro who took him out places, bought him a few things he always wanted lol.

    So yea, i wouldn't want to be a only child.

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