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Thread: I know this is going to sound like one of those random "what if" thoughts but,

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    Default I know this is going to sound like one of those random "what if" thoughts but,

    I have a turkish freind at school, She is definetly into cats, she draws them all the time, found warriors before it was cool, and she had some funny little "cat like" habbits last year ( mostly just the way she playfully threatened to scratch another freind, whenever he said something stupid)

    I knew her long before I had heard of a fur, and like I said, this is going to sound like one of those thoughts everyone has that oh, what if such and such is a ___

    But recently what realy made me think, was she showed me her drawings. They are mostly of cats, and many of them have human like hair, on their heads, above their fur. They are more catlike in shape, and none of them would honestly scream antro, but they are definetly animea.

    She talks about animals alot, I rember she brought up that she asked her brothers what animal she reminded them of. One said a snake, and the other one a cat.

    Even if she was a fur, then what, would I just tell her "oh, and I like wearing diapers"

    I tried droping a slight slight hint, went a bit like this

    me: "does that cat have hair, ontop of its fur?"

    her: *luaghs a bit* yea

    other freind?: how Is that even possible?

    me: maybe its a cat-person.

    other freind: or its one of those hairless japaneese cats, with just fur on its head.

    *lunch bell rings*

    soo yea.. how could i sort of ask, without doing so obviously, would be rather akward if she was not....

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    Simply ask if s/he is a fur and if they inquire further just point to the people that do cosplay for comic book conventions if you need to play it soft.

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    I'll bet that even if she's not a fur she'd be totally cool with you being one. I'm not sure about the diapers deal, but that's a completly different story. Right now we're talking about furs and I'm sure that she'd be a fine person to tell.

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    I know a girl IRL who's a neko. I kind of freaked her out. She was acting kind of weird and cat-like, and I said she might as well be a neko and she was like "I am O_o". She never expected me to know what that was. lol

    I found it funny, but I'm not really close friends with her or anything. I don't think of her any differently.

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    She's already a furry fan, being into anthro cats. Just might not know about the rest of the fandom.

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    She did go to an animea cosplay, or was going to. Her dad would not let her.

    She was going to go as some japaneese character....

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