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Thread: another wonderfull fur story in the news ._."

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    Default another wonderfull fur story in the news ._."

    Local wolfgirl decapitates dog, says the fox 5 news team...
    Apparently this fur, or maybe even otherkin, and her pack, decapitate dead animals. She had someone request that she cut the head off of a dead, roadkill dog they found out on the highway

    Turns out this was a neighbors dog that had run away. stupid freinds get picture of head on internet, animal cruelty investigation starts. now shes hiding from millions of people and "animal activists" that send her very rude messages over this... bizzare hobbie.

    If the dog WAS dead already, then she is innocent (old story, I think forensics prove it)

    not illegal to decapitate roadkill.

    I fell kinda bad for her if this is the case, she might be far into the "odd" catagory with the whole.. animal skull collecting, but she has so many people judgeing her now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisusernamewontfi View Post
    Your link doesn't work.
    imo, PETA complains to much.

    It ended up being a police investigation when they thought that she had kidnaped and killed the dog or whatever. Just on edge becuase she is so "diffrent"

    Fixed the link.

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    Just read the full story, I feel bad for that family.
    I see why the investigation was necessary but it seem like they over reacted a bit.

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    It is nice that the mother is accepting of her duaghters lifestyle.

    Not suprised she was judged so harshly. For the most part people see a crazy girl that has a thing for wolves and BDSM, who just cut of an animals head.

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    yea it was abit over the top, but i can see why they wanted to prove it all
    i do feel sorry for all the trouble her and her family had people should stop and actually listen for a change

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    I knew her actually. IRL... well. I met her a few times. She was well aquainted with my scent.

    I'm not sure what to think about it though. I somewhat want to believe her story, but you can never be too sure.

    Old story is old though.

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    This story originates in the place that shall not be named on adisc, and these "unknown users" took it upon themsleves to try and bring "wolfie blackheart" to justice. Though that kinda failed.

    This is quite old now, but her story is complete bullcrap and she and her friends (raz and ariel) contradicted themselves several times beforethe media caught wind and she hammered out something more believable. I can't link to the particular article, but if you're net savy enough look for the sasuke/shadw article on a site where ediots gather.

    <edit>: Side note, raz and ariel apparently tried to bring the dog to some new age healer instead of calling a vet when it supposedly got hit but it died on the way before giving it to wolfie for her collection. Who knows what's true from the story and what's not. Only thing we know is that wolfie cut the fricken dogs head off with her sword. *sighs* gives perspective on the harmlessness of new age religion fluff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisusernamewontfi View Post
    wolfie is not her real name is it? and why does this article and Self-described wolf woman severed lost dog's head this one say she is 18 but this one "Werewolf" Wolfie Blackheart Severed Lost Dog's Head, Boiled It, Put Photo on Web - Crimesider - CBS News say she is 23?
    Nah. If I remember right, her real name is Sarah. And she's eighteen I believe. She sure didnt seem like she would be 23.

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