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Thread: Please do me a favor, kind folks on this forum.

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    Default Please do me a favor, kind folks on this forum.

    Please, please, do me this much of a favor.

    Give me some reason to have faith in humanity.

    How do I suggest you do this?

    How about posting links to news articles featuring people doing good and kind things for other people? Or personal accounts of such things?

    Logic tells me that humanity is not all bad, that I have no real reason to be a misanthrope. But my logical side and my emotional side are disconnected, as usual, and my emotions tell me not to trust most of the people in the world. I have seen the true face of evil so many times in this lifetime. Show me the face of goodness that mankind is capable of, and pray that it helps to ease my anger and distrust against mankind in general.

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    Have faith in humanity only the bad news gets reported, millions of good deeds go unnoticed every day if you look for the good in people you will find it, but as a society we just dwell on the bad things people do.

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    Might I suggest watching the Ten Questions for the Dalai Lama? His Holiness explains how to find peace in a world filled with violence. There are tragedies beyond comprehension occurring in Tibet, yet the people there remain so positive. Despite the systematic elimination of their culture by the Chinese, they firmly believe in non-violence. Maybe they have realized something about happiness that we have yet to understand. I felt more humble after watching it, because it made my causes of suffering seem trivial.


    There is good in humanity. It does exist. You just have to know where to find it.

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    you do not find many good things in the news, because that is not what most people want to read. If you want to find goodness in this world, look around you, to the people you connect with.

    And if you can't find it, then make it yourself. If there is not even one good thing around you, be it yourself. So you can be an example to others to do good things.

    PS: If you really want an article, maybe something like this is appropriate: Six-year-old in Philippines saves baby from fire

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    Butterfly Mage


    Agreed. There's no such thing as a record for not being a criminal.

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    Bad news sells papers, Good news lines bird cages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaworuchan View Post
    Please, please, do me this much of a favor.

    Give me some reason to have faith in humanity.

    Well, what do you mean by faith?

    I think I sometimes feel the same way though. However, I'm lucky to have the job I do, the co-workers I do, and at that particular organization. I work with people who really believe in what they do, "walk the walk" in addition to talking the talk (they practice what they preach, socially), who generally take time to say hello to one another, and hopefully get a laugh out of something at some point in the day. We set aside times to have lunch together, occasional chatting about non-work topics seems to be tolerable (if not encouraged), and it's pretty common to go have drinks on a Friday.

    We do important work, and we're good at it too. None of us make much money, but

    ...Well, more money would be nice. I'm not going to lie.

    My job's not perfect (we've got our weirdos too), but it's been a rock for me through some tough times. Actually, I think I might be one of the weirdos. They're pretty nice to tolerate me like they do.

    ---------- Post added at 11:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:13 PM ----------

    I don't mean to double post--I just had other ideas. Maybe this'll get tagged on to my first post. I'll just try to be brief.

    I live in a snowy area, and carry a shovel in my trunk. I take personal pride and pleasure in digging people out when they need it most, and expect it least.

    My home town is still comprised of people who leave their doors unlocked.

    Several times last week, people showed pity on me and offered me free coffee, or more food for my money than usual. I was running ragged and looked pretty pathetic. I didn't have anything to eat at home, and was really only coming home to sleep anyhow. I was lonely, up against what seemed like high stakes, and burning out. Free coffee and special gyro food restored a few hit points.

    A friend of mine in another part of the country owns a business, but doesn't have a family of his own. He makes massive donations to charities for children each year.

    Just some additional thoughts. I thought of a bunch more, but they got too personal for my tastes. Maybe the internet isn't the best of places to look for faith in humanity.

    ...And then there's ADISC. No, not perfect, but unique as far as I know. Getting to read comments from folks that have it more together than I do helps me stay hopeful for the future.

    Well...maybe that was too much. I hope that didn't sound trite/contrived.

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    I apologize for posting excessive threads about natural disasters but the opinions must be known. Would something good for this site be a discussion about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh leaving America if the Health Bill passes here.

    Oh wait here it is! Clicky Here!

    Sometimes we need to be clear with ourselves that this is a support website and sometimes we need to post the good thing that happens in our society to remind ourselves what we really are here for. The Glory.

    I agree in this with you Kaworuchan but lets see if affirmative action will be taken on this. At least I tried to post something optimistic in this.

    What about something that will give us some laughs?

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    I've got a story for you. I am currently in the hospital for a follow up surgery. In September I was struck by a car while I was on the sidewalk. I broke every appendage including my back and face. I had just quit my job to start graduate school. I was working part time as a teaching assistant but hadn't set up my insurance yet. When the university found out what happened to me, they set up premium blue cross/blue shield health insurance for me. They also continued to pay me for being a TA even though I missed the entire semester while in the hospital and rehab center. My teachers and classmates visited me, and my advisor allowed me to stay in the same class as my mates, so long as I make up the work. When I found out, I cried so much. I was so inspired by peoples' capacity to care for a stranger.

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