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Thread: Cloverfield!

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    Talking Cloverfield!

    I just saw "Cloverfield" and it was better than I had imagined! I've been waiting for it since last summer when "Transformers" showed a teaser trailer for it... and i believe there was a thread about it on the old TBDL

    ...Anyways, if you haven't seen it, i'm telling you to go see it now.

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    My friend saw it and told me the ending, and it sounded like it left the viewer wondering a lot of things, doesn't sound like the kinda ending I would like, but I hear the cinematography is great and I'm into that kinda stuff.

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    I really adore it. I know many of you guys won't be satisfied with the ending; but you gotta expect from the first 30 seconds of the movie that the ending will be somewhat similiar to what it was XD

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    Yeah, they filmed it the way they filmed "A Blair Witch Project" it made it more realistic =D

    ...And yeah the ending did leave things unanswered, but apart from the fact that I'm about to rip my hair out from the suspense, i really liked how they ended it.

    This is easily one of my favorite movies. ^_^

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    Who noticed the 2 "hidden" ending things?


    The final scene, on the ferris wheel... who else noticed something hitting the water on the right hand side of the screen? >:P

    After the credits, there's some distorted audio. People have got ahold of it, played it in reverse, and it's someone saying "It's alive".

    I've gotta say though, I'm really... not looking forward to the DVD release. It's one of those movies where you *need* to see it in cinemas, with their big-assed speakers. The sound in the movie was beyond amazing.

    And the subway scene with the whole "turn on the nightvision, man!".... That was pure friggin' genius.

    Also, I gotta laugh at the cameraman's name being "HUD".

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    I saw the falling object! And I also stayed to hear the audio snippit.
    At home, we have a sixty-inch TV with Dali speakers, so the eventual Blu-Ray release will be just as fantastic as seeing it in the cinema XD

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    Cloverfield was a great movie! At first I was a little put back by the hand-held camera thing, but it worked out very nicely.

    When the movie finished, a lot of people in the cinema were like "Want my money back" or "That just sucked"... but I don't think they realised the premise of the film, and what was trying to be achieved with it's overall style. The film-makers did their best to keep the action and suspense going - which they did a really good job of IMO - but I can see how people can be disappointed. They went to the movie expecting some high-octane, huge explosion blockbuster - They got a bit of that, but were left hanging with no closure at the end.

    But yeah, the movie was good because it was seen through the eyes of the people involved, no long shots, wide-angles or perfect filming. It all helped with the unique experience of the film.

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    I heard the thing a the end of the credits, but i missed the thing hitting the water while they were on the ferris wheel.

    Remember all those web-sites the teaser trailer led us to that gave us hints about the movie? Well I think that there may be more that answer all the unanswered questions...just a though ^_^

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    The movie was amazing, possibly the best I have ever seen. The first person perspective makes you feel that emotion that they go through(Like when the girl's pelvis explodes or when the rip the girl off the pole) the scene when they rip the girl off the pole normally if it was in third person I'd be like "Ok cool, whatever" but this got too me when you heard her scream and twitch through her friends eyes.

    To clear up the ending: It was NOT meant to be a "YAY! we win!" movie. It wasn't about humanity fighting this monster it was about an archive of these friends who went through that night through there perspective, death and all, this wasn't meant to be a happy film it was meant to be bleak with a bleak hopeless ending.

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