View Poll Results: What did you use for a diaper once you knew you wanted one?

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  • I was small enough to fit into baby diapers

    34 21.52%
  • I was too big for baby diapers and taped a few together

    27 17.09%
  • I was too big for baby diapers but fit into pull-ups or underjams

    26 16.46%
  • I got adult diapers.

    31 19.62%
  • I had to improvise and make diapers with things like T-Shirts and trash bags.

    40 25.32%
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Thread: Fulfilling your desire for diapers for the first time

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    Default Fulfilling your desire for diapers for the first time

    I'm curious how others satisfied their desire for diapers when they couldn't get them.

    What percentage of you went out and got adult diapers or had to make your own?

    As for me I guess I was between 8 and 10 when I took baby diapers from a cousins diaper bag and taped a few together in an attempt to make a bigger diaper.

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    I had to use some substitutes. Papertowels mainly. Not fun.

    The first time i got adult diapers was my sophomore year in highschool for a "prank"


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    I was quite young and still fit in pull-ups and I "borrowed" some when I saw any at my friend's.

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    I was.. a freshman in highschool. I was asked to babysit for my neighbors. Curiosity killed the cat, and they supplied me until I gained too much weight/kids potty trained. Then adult diapers I bought.

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    I remember when I was about 7 or 8, I tried to put an old cloth diaper (they make good rags, according to my parents) on with a binder clip, but I was too big to fit in it at that point. But after that, I never really put anything else diaper-like on until I was probably 15. I rode my bike up to the store and bought some adult 'absorbent underwear', because I didn't really know what I was looking for.

    It wasn't as great as I thought it would be, I think it's partly because it wasn't very diaper-y. So it wasn't until I was 17 that I got to try on a real diaper, it was pretty exhilarating at the time. Now that I think of it, it was almost exactly a year ago, so hooray for my first year back in diapers. I think it was a sample of Bambino Biancos, so I pretty much went from the worst (store brand adult pull-ups) to the best.

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    I believe it will be informative and hope that I get a good turnout on this.

    Just imagine that the next time a newbie starts complaining about not being able to get diapers you could post something like,
    "Take heart, 87% of us were in the same situation in the beginning and 17% had to use toilet paper and bailing wire to make their own."

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    I first got in by stealing my sisters Drynites. They were just sitting in the bathroom and she wasn't going to miss 1 or a few >.>.

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    I bought adult diapers after trying a TENA sample. Although I have still tried making a makeshift diaper occasionally. They aren't a substitute for the real thing, more like crappy hospital diapers.

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    I used old underwear, paper towels and plastic bags a few times before I worked up the courage to buy some goodnites.

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    It would still be too risky for me to get adult diapers. Fortunately baby diapers fit me kinda well, and they are much easier to get.

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