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Thread: I return.

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    Default I return.

    (I know, with a different name.)

    Basically, I left because a few months ago, my parents found ADISC. I don't think they really understood it, but I wasn't on when they discovered it so I can't be certain.

    I was out for a while, and when I came home my father wanted to talk with me. Basically what went down was a conversation which was quite like the following:

    "I wasn't snooping, but I went on your computer and saw something called 'Diaper Talk'. What is Diaper Talk?"

    Honestly, I don't remember how I responded. I didn't give him much info. I think I said something like "I'm trying to figure out why I am... the way that I am... in this way. It was just some written articles, I think. I'm not sure." I don't like to lie when I don't have to, but I wasn't about to divulge the secrets of ADISC at the drop of a hat. So, therefore, I shot the bull with him for a while and it was not spoken of again. However, I did see "diaper talk" in Google about a week later (of course, I was not around for that, either). But ADISC was the top result. It scared me. So, I stopped posting for a while in hopes that it would blow over. Coincidentally, on the day I.K. (ask another hockey fan here) was traded (I literally cried for about 30 minutes, and was mopey the rest of the week) (Sorry for the gratuitous parentheses), I heard them talking about diapers again. I panicked and deleted my account.

    So now, about a month later, I think it is safe to return. For a while, anyway, I will probably not post as many threads as before, but I hope to come back and become a regular contributor here again.

    It's good to be back.

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    The resident hockey nut returns! Great to see you back Antropov, and glad to see that your parents seem to be taking it pretty well, although it's probably got you worried.

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    Welcome back dude.

    I heard about your parents finding out about 'who you are' indirectly, through other members. This isn't quite as bad as I had thought it was, but it still sucks that your parents don't just let it be. Would be great if they just let you do what you're going to do through these oh-so-turbulent teenage years (not that this is a phase, obviously, but you know what I mean).

    As for the name change, I like it. I wasn't very trusting of IK in the first place, although it still surprises me he didn't stay. I guess you probably feel kind of like I did when Feddie signed in Anaheim a few years back (wow, was that really 7 years ago!?, I was 15, lol). Although I think this is a lot more of a back-stab to the team. Federov had his reasons (after all, he signed onto Anaheim for less than what the Wings had offered him). IK-the-dyke though, no idea...

    Hope you're back along for the ride. We've been missing our Mr. Stickey!

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    I was thinking directly about you when Ilya Kovalchuk got traded to the Devils. At least the guy that you guys got has paid off dividends already. Too bad the Caps have all but sealed that division! But seriously WELCOME BACK! Even though your quantity of threads will be not so big, at least they have a quality that is unmatched by others in which it is all about quantity (like 350 threads). I am not a hockey fan per se but at least we got our hockey fan back! HONK HONK HONK LETS GO CAPS!!!

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    Want to hide your google searches eh?

    If your realy concerned, always log out of your I google, that keeps your searches up, and even at other pcs if you log into it (I was horrified when my mom almost saw the diaper searches when i used her work laptop while on vacation

    Then just go back and hit "remove" next to all the Diaper related links that you yourself searched, they wont come up unless its a top "defualt" search setting sorta thing

    installing firefox and useing that private mode wouldent hurt either.

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    Yeah, you're back. I've thought of you often. I figured things were getting hellish at home. You should be able to erase your history, etc. But be careful. You don't need the heat. In the meantime, if I respond to someone with one of my crazy sarcastic stories, I'll try to work you into it again, just to celebrate your return!

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    Welcome back!!


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    Glad to see that you're back man : )

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