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Thread: i've just ordered some bambinos

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    Default i've just ordered some bambinos

    Hey all,

    i was just wondering if any of you have had experience with this kind of diaper?

    i have heard that it is bulky and crinkly and i like that about it thats why i have ordered some.

    Has anybody used them before? Can anybody give me some reviews on them?

    Im actually excited about getting them because im used to tena slip but these look more babish and im loving that fact and it will be a change.

    Let me know dudes..


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    You cant go wrong mate with these, brilliant nappies along with Tena which are my favourite too!

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    They are some very nice diapers and indeed they are rather babyish. You will not be disappointed.

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    May I please ask where you ordered them from and how much you paid n.n?

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    Pretty much what everyone else said above me. You won't go wrong with these diapers.

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    i only bought 2 to start off with as i dont want to buy lots and then not like them (however i dont think this will be the case)

    i bought them from ebay and paid £7, including p&p

    They are coming tomorrow.

    ill let you all know what i think when i test them out.

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    These diapers are just magnificent
    I think the front design is the crinkliest part about them, but even without it they'd still be moderately crinkly :]
    They are pretty thick, so you'll have no problems with that either, and they hold a lot ;D

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    I wish I could buy some...

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