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Thread: I am SO DONE!

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    Default I am SO DONE!

    Ha, got you all!

    No, I'm not done with ADISC, I feel as though I've barely started.

    But crappy poetic stuff aside, what I am done with is the biggest report of the year. This is biggest freshman project, so it probably isn't much to a lot of people.

    Long story short, I know more about Caligula now than I ever wanted to in the span of my life.

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    Caligula, also known by his birthname of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, was the third emperor of Rome.

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    Congrats on your completed feat! As a senior, I am just too lazy to do anything these days and usually the only things I really have to do are English Projects.

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    Caligula was insane =/...He treated his horse good, though...Lucky horse...

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