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Thread: Nu-Fit Adult Diapers (ANY REVIEWS)

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    Question Nu-Fit Adult Diapers (ANY REVIEWS)

    Anyone used the NuFit adult diapers. I have heavy bladder control issues and have a chance to purchase a case for $30. Can any of you give me a good or bad review before I possibly waste the money on a case of 96?

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    Nu-fit are the ones that i remember seeing on the back of a pjax truck going to a nursing home. Several skids of them a week. Ive read that they are like the typical hospital diaper, worse than depends. I would sugest shying away from them, especially if you have heavy issues.

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    They are another type of cheap diaper like kendall wings and many store brands. Walmart briefs are made by first quaility and they make the nu fit

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    I sometimes Use the Nu-fit diapers for myself if I am staying home or will be near a restroom to change when out. I get them if I find them cheap at thrift store. Normally when I am going out I use Secure Xplus or a Molicare super plus. They are not the worst out there and I think they are much better then depends and store brands.

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