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    This is something that I am not too open about, but I feel that I do want to talk about it. I was looking into it and found that Sadomasochism is the act(s) of basically getting aroused at the site of inflicting pain or receiving it.

    However...I have in the past 2 weeks inflicted pain upon myself (belting and whipping myself) but did not do it to gain arousal from it. On the contrary, it was b/c I was angry at myself for not working hard enough on a paper, not being able to socialize like a "normal" 18 year old male, and just thinking that the people around me were i guess conspiring against me or just plain didn't like me and I inflicted the pain upon myself as punishment for not being able to be a normal human around them, which is what I think is leading to their conspiracy against me.

    I have told my psych. about these incidents and she just nodded and moved on, which I thought was odd, since this seems to be a pretty serious issue, she just said I "Worry too much".

    Is there a technical term for self punishment that does not involve deriving sexual pleasure from it? Is there something wrong with me? Has anyone else inflicted this upon themselves?

    Note: I have not cut myself or committed any other forms of self harm upon myself, all I have done is whip myself.

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    It's called "Being too hard on yourself."

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    yep, can't say it any better than gaachan

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    You ever heard of the Opus Dei? You'd probably fit in well...

    Self mutilation doesn't help, and there are better ways to deal with stress. Sometimes you need to just get on with your life. If you screw up, understand why and try to fix it. Hitting yourself won't help.

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    If someone else treated you this way for not performing well on a paper or being socially awkward, would you feel it justified?

    I hope your answer is no. If it is then I would admonish you and tell you to treat yourself as well as you demand others to treat you. Abuse is abuse and I do not see it as any more justifiable to abuse yourself than to abuse someone else.

    If your answer is yes, then I hope and pray that you can find a good support structure. You would need people to point out your intrinsic value and place your life in proper perspective.

    There are people out there that you can socialize with. It may be difficult, and you may need to search for folks that can be patient with you as you muddle through it, but they are there and you can find them.

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    Honestly, I think what you're doing to yourself is not normal. I think you need to stress to your psych that this worries you (or at least that you know that other kids don't do that, because I sure as hell don't know anyone that does).

    When I was a kid and my mom would make me mad, I would hit myself in the head pretty hard, but I stopped that when I was around six and have done it maybe twice since then. But I know that feeling of "I'm not good enough, I should be punished." I've been there before. But if you go there a lot, you really need to tell your therapist that you want to spend more time talking about what makes you angry and how you can diffuse that anger without hitting yourself.

    But, DT, I think you really need to stop being so hard on yourself. You're still a kid, and we ALL make mistakes. Try to put all that negative energy into the next paper or a new hobby or SOMETHING other than whipping yourself.

    And about being "normal" and unable to socialize: Dude, I can't get a date to save my life. But do I dwell on it all the time? No. There are some days when I get depressed and cry and become a boob about it, but the thing is: You have to pick yourself up after. I have social anxiety and depression, so I understand that sometimes it's extremely difficult to put it away. But I think the skill you need is a way to push your energy into something else.

    idk, this was long-winded, but I have read a lot of your hundreds of posts, and I really think you need another outlet. And to not be so hard on yourself. We're all human.

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    Only albinos have the right to whip themselves man. You're being way too tuff on yourself, and you're holding yourself to some standars that are obviously ridiculous. Stop with the self-loathing and such, it's unhealthy. If you want to inspire yourself to change how you're going about things in life, there are a few approaches that are probably much more better than mutilating yourself. Also, the world isn't conspiring against you. People around you don't have it in for you or anything man, and even if they did, the self abuse isn't a rational reaction. All you gotta do is chill man. Stop worrying about stuff so much - especially with what others think about you. You have a lot ebtter things to do with your life than this stuff.

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    You need to calm the f*** down. We all make mistakes and whipping yourself is only making things worse, this sort of stuff is a slippery slope. It may start out as whipping but may lead to cutting. You NEED to bring this up with your psych if it distresses you, do it at the start of your next session and make it the focal point of the session.

    Also no one is conspiring against you as you seem to think, I'm sure no one has the intention or the intelligence to start a conspiracy. You need to calm down, try yoga and deep breathing exercises.

    Your anxiety seems to be through the roof and needs to be treated above anything else.

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    It is apparent that you have an idealistic view of what a "normal" 18 year old male is. Whatever you think you should be doing, is neither right nor wrong. It is normal for 18 year old males to be confused. It is probably normal to self-inflict pain upon yourself, as long as you think it's normal. You're kind of putting yourself in an infinite loop of pain though, remember BEING NORMAL SUCKS. So with your view of what normal is, and then by you not taking on the role of normality, you actually are being normal by not being normal.

    I finally see some usefulness in this horrible motivational cliché; Nobody's perfect.

    It's hard to argue this; no person has reached perfection. Now, do you think it's logical for everybody to be inflicting pain upon themselves, probably to the degree of how imperfect they are? Probably not.

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    What I have told my psych. was that it does concern me. She asked me what my rational behind whipping myself was. I told her "The overseers in the Belgian Congo cut off the hands of their slaves if they failed to meet rubber quotas for the week" so, basically my rational behind the punishment was that I can make myself do better by inspiring fear within myself. She just didn't really seem to take an interest into into it and all see said was "Well that probably isn't the best way to deal with your problems"

    I know I have anxiety and a lot of it, I have been formulating ways to get more down to earth and look at the social situations at hand more diplomatically "Fix the small problems now, so that we have stronger ties in the long run"

    So, is there a technical term for this "condition"?

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