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Thread: what should i get?

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    Default what should i get?

    assurence or Attends? I need them in a medium size, so what ones should i get?

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    I think Attends would be better...Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Assurance similar to Depends?

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    Attends > Assurance.

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    Everyone on here will probably say attends. They are both good diapers however. They both hold about the same amount. Attends has a softer kind of plastic than assurance.

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    I have not tried assurance but have tried Attends Classic 10s and they were okay. Kind of like a better depend brief. I would say go with attends too.

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    I wearing an assurance right now, I like them for a cheap diaper, but they are useless without some sort of a stuffer.

    They will leak on the first good wetting without a stuffer, I never tried attends there not found in our area of Pa.

    But for an inexpensive diaper the assurance are OK but you need to use more tape over the tapes they don't hold well, and if you get sweated up good like exerciseing they don't want to hold.

    I use a small peice of duct tape just about 2 inches long and put it right over the tape that holds great, but you can't move the tapes once you do this, it will tear the plastic.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

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