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Thread: Why I'll never post pictures again

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    Default Why I'll never post pictures again

    This isn't really anything more than a pointless rant. Anyways a few months ago I had made an account here and decided to add a few pictures of myself. I really do dislike pictures without faces as faces are the most important part of a picture of a person. When I see a picture of a person from head-to-neck, it really doesn't do anything for me. So I posted some pics of me with my diapers showing and my face fully intact. Within a week my girlfriend had someone send her a link to a craigslist sex ad using the my pictures. I did not have any personal information posted other than the state I live in. Lucky for me, she has known about my fetish for years now and was just as concerned as I was. You may never experience this type of situation, but it really leaves one feeling a sense of helplessness, no not the sexy type of helplessness, the creepy weirded out type. So when I hear of people scrutinizing others for not posting pictures or posting those without faces, I understand from a first person perspective what reasons there are not to do such things. Thanks to whomever orchestrated the whole ordeal, nobody gets to see pictures of me if they want to, sort of like that "you ruined it for the rest of us" crap. I don't want to come off as being self important or anything, just saying I know a lot of the community likes to see the portion of us who are quite young (18+ no worries) and in good shape.

    Anyways I know I got off track a lot and totally lack any type of organization, but it's not like I'm writing this for college or anything, plus I still have yet to eat anything today :X and it's the first thing beyond superficial diaper talk I've posted to our community in a long, long time. Thanks for your time :]

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    I agree with you and I don't blame you for not posting any pics

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    That's why I do not show my face in the community here. There are paranoid people who think if you don't show your face, you must be fake. No, they just don't want to be outed in their area or stopped by other DL's and ABs if they recognize them. Plus someone from work can come across their blog or website and bam they are outed. But my question would be, why were they there in the first place? They must have a fetish themselves or why would they be looking it up? But some people just don't want to take chances so they don't show themselves in the community.

    I have showed my face on other forums that wasn't AB/DL but I did show myself at Vickie's forum because it's so small there. But I don't go there anymore because it's too slow. I come here more. I'm not that paranoid. I did show myself here once but then I deleted my youtube video.

    Sorry someone had to take your pictures and use them as their own. I have had that happen with me when I was in my late teens except someone posted my diaper picture in a MSN group but luckily it was only my diaper I was showing and not my face and whoever posted it there wasn't pretending to be me. They were just posting diaper pics there for everyone to see. Posting diaper pics of yourself, people are bound to use them as their own or post them elsewhere. I hear the internet is not private.
    I could have joined the MSN group and told the owner to remove it but I didn't.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The only pics I posted here are of my car.

    I never post pictures of me. It would be pointless, since one of the side effects of my mental illness is that I don't think I look like how my body looks, ha ha.

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    On the interent there is no sure safe way to protect anything. It's been preached more than once, what gets posted on the net will always be there and may some day come back to you in good or bad ways. If someone wants to post pictures they need to really look at the picture close before they do. Many people forget there are other things in the picture that may tell more about you than you think. Pay attention to what is on your walls be hind you, the place your picture is taking at and every little detail.

    For those that don't want to post pictures I don't see anything wrong with it. In this day and age we all need to be safe and smart about what we do on the net.

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    I don't blame you for not wanting to post pictures anymore. Gladly your girlfriend already knew, so you're save on that point of view. I don't know who posted you're pictures there, but try to get in contact with the person in control of that site and tell him those are you're pictures, and you don't want them to be shown thee. Most will comply.

    I don't know how the galleries are accessible on adisc, you can see some if you're not logged in, but can you see personal user galleries? If that is true, that might be something that could better be changed. Any mods reading this tread?

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you where doing, and hopefully this won't happen again.

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    One way I deal with posting pics of myself (mainstream profile sites) is to photoshop a pic or few pics using the same effect and keep note of which effect was used for which site ie "on I blurred the image, on I turned all pics to b&w, etc etc". I have only done this on one site but can work well to keep tabs on which site is more prone to photo theft and re-use, if u can keep track of it lol

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    I would have thought not posting pics with head on a diaper site (which is why no-one has ever seen the travesty that is me) was common sense anyway but I guess not

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    i never post pics of my face only neck and below has if my mates found out or something got out or even pedos has im 15 i would never post pics of myself and also there is realy no need

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    I only ever post face shots. lol. It is my face and ONLY my face. I don't really care what people do with my pictures. I'm kind of egotistical that way.

    Sorry for what happened to you, but at least nothing truly bad came out of it. It could have been much worse.

    I still don't like pics without faces. How am I supposed to know what people look like? The face is really all I care about.

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