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Thread: Bambino Case Size

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    Default Bambino Case Size

    Well I just ordered a case of 64 diapers, which is more than normal for me... Anyways I've never ordered from Bambino either and was wondering what the approximate dimensions of the box are. You see, I live with my parents and despite my confidence in them not opening anything mailed to me, a huge box arriving at the doorstep might raise a few questions. Any tips or advice are welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galf32 View Post
    Man...that box is fucking HUGE!
    I knew it! It's 2x4 bags isn't it?

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    This thread made me lol.

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    it's give or take

    12 inches tall
    10 inches wide
    21 inches long

    i could be wrong but that's about the size of the medium case of bambino.

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    dude if your parents find it first you goin to be screwed has they will want to know whats in it curoisty takes over espicaly at that size lol

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    Does anyone know how big the 24 diaper box is?

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    Not to raise the dead or anything but it arrived today, the box wasn't too big but man was it heavy. Nobody opened it or asked me about it.

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    Guess it was effcicently packed.

    Thats the "Bottom Half" LLC group for ya

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