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Thread: Napa Nappies?

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    Default Napa Nappies?

    Sooooo, I've wanted to try the Euro Tenas for some time now. I stumbled across an online store called Napa Nappies that sells them to customers in the U.S. The prices seem reasonable. Has anyone had a positive/negative experience with them?

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    Darn, at first I thought Napa Nappies would have been based in Napa, CA. Nothing really significant about that, just my grandparents used to live there and I always thought it was a cool place. Based on the spelling of 'pyjamas', I would guess they're based in Europe somewhere, probably the UK. Anyways, please ignore my obsessiveness with location. I've never tried them, and a quick Google search turned up nothing for reviews. Sorry I couldn't offer any advice.. if you do end up ordering some, it'd be cool if you let us know how it turned out. I've heard good things about the European Tenas, that'd be neat to try some.

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    Ummm... their contact address is fake.

    9870 St Vincent Place,
    Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45

    There is no such place as "Glasgow, DC" and "45 Fr 45" is not a postal code.

    Looks like a scam to me.

    Google their phone number, it comes up posted on dozens of other random Web sites as a placeholder from templates.

    So maybe they just haven't fixed the contact info — but either way, I would not order ANYTHING from that site until it has a real address and phone number.

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    Hmmm... if i'm not mistaken all the images appear to be the same as those on

    Add that to what polarbaby has said and it looks somewhat fishy!!

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    WOW... this business must be amazing! Look at all the things at this address!
    And their telephone number!

    I called the number through skype and got nothing. I was atleast hoping for a korean dry cleaning store.

    If they're not even going to go through the effort to fake their address well, then you should most certainly stay away. You'd be scammed and stupid.

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    LoL, I think we euro's should start exporting Tena the the US. I would be rich within a week :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    Bogus address + bogus phone number = no sale!

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    The REALLY funny part to this is, that I have been looking at that site for awhile now, wanting to order the tena in med, but they have been SOLD OUT of them every time I go there, lol

    I agree it looks like a scam, but why would they always be sold out of there items then? most scam sites, there items are always in stock lol. Most scam sites dont accept paypal also, they are usually going for bank accounts and credit cards, information that they usually sell to other scammers
    Something else that I find a bit strange, is that they are saying that there different sizes of the tenas, ship from different places in the US. A small company like that wouldnt be shipping the same product from multiple warehouses. Also if you click on stuff like the "privacy notice", "condition of use", there is nothing there.

    At the minimum, it might actually be a buisness, but with obvious issues and bad practices. To me, it looks like the type of buisness that actually does sell stuff, but dosent want to be botherd with customer service of any sort, the type of place were if you order something, and something goes wrong, your out of luck.
    I wouldnt buy anything from them!

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    Wow.. This is all very interesting. Good investigating, folks. I guess it goes without saying that I will not be following up with that company. :P But Dang! I wanted to try those Euro Tenas out.

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