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Thread: Concerts anyone?

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    Default Concerts anyone?

    Seen an awesome concert last nite

    Orange Code Kids - Female Bassist for the win
    American Armada - Fun Band
    The Code - Awesome Band. played 40 hour week , john doe

    And the main act ..

    Anti-Flag - They played Sodom, Underground Network, Die for the your Government, Turncoat, The First Day of The Rest of Your Life as an encore they played Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Guns of Brixton, and I Fought The Law.

    But there is a legs are sore from the dancing, i can baraly walk from slamming into the floor pretty hard twice while in the mosh pit, my right index finger is jammed from something last nite, and but my upper arms are bruised from slamming, but it was so worth it

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    I love mosh pitting, and those sound like great bands for it. My favorite kind are the circle moshes where you run in a giant circle where people are on the outside and inside standing still. I love running and I'm faster than everybody else in the pit usually so I get to do all the shoving.

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    Going to concerts might be one of my favorite things....ever. I've been to some 50+, and I've invested a lot of money, but I do what makes me happy.

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    I used to be into the indie scene, so that meant we'd all gather at this one seedy bar downtown (the only bar that would have these types of bands) and drunkenly mosh to some crappy bands who were just passing through my hometown. Every so often we'd get a real awesome band.

    This summer, though, I'll hopefully be going to a Jack Johnson concert. Just waiting for the North American tour dates to be released. I've got my fingers crossed that Toronto will be on the list.

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    I only really went to some christian concerts.. like Acquire the Fire and Battlecry. Some years they were okay, others the bands were "meh". The best ones I saw where P.O.D. and Pillar.

    The worst was some christian rap artists.

    Now I just want to see Sliversun Pickups.

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