View Poll Results: What underwear do you like to see women in?

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  • Panties

    32 65.31%
  • Thongs

    4 8.16%
  • Either

    13 26.53%
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Thread: Women's underwear preference

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    Default Women's underwear preference

    Not trying to confuse anyone here, this is men's preference for what underwear they like to see women in.

    Personally, I love both, and both look absolutely awesome.

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    Seeing how I actually haven't seen a girl in just her underwear in quite awhile, any of them will do.

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    I voted thongs - just because nobody else had voted for it yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Panties. Thongs just look too... uncomfortable.
    I agree with that. They do look really uncomfortable. The idea of just thinking about wearing one almost makes me cringe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
    *ahem* Not a woman person. :P
    That's why there are male thongs too, so you don't feel left out. Although this thread is about underwear on women, you can still enjoy seeing thongs (or not seeing - not much underwear to see there) on guys. At least the amount of thongs popping up in stores here this time of year (spring time) would suggest there's quite a demand for them.


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    I don't particularly enjoy looking at other women in their underwear....just a personal preference...I much prefer looking at the male of the species...but anyway...I think the poll is sadly lacking in imagination...there are only two choices...

    What about adding to your 'panties' (which is pretty generic) and 'thongs'
    • g-strings
    • French-cut
    • bikini
    • 'granny panties' (high rise)
    • boy shorts
    • Brazilian tanga
    • boxers
    • none at all!

    There are probably others, but these are the ones I could think of this early in the morning. :p

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    Sigh...for once I thought this was actually a thread with a question just for girls

    Alright, well I'm going to pretend like it is anyway. I like low-cut bikini-style underwear. It comes in lots of cool prints, doesn't give you wedgies and doesn't usually show above the waistline of your pants...except maybe just a quick glimpse when you're in your low cut sexy jeans And yes, thongs are uncomfortable.

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