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Thread: Wearing a diaper at the gym

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    Default Wearing a diaper at the gym

    I was curious while at the gym today... I workout about 3-4 days per week, and I'm always diapered. I began to wonder who else might be diapered as well... certainly I cannot be the only one in the world with a diaper under my gym pants. Actually I would think it might be more common than you think, for people like me with urge incontinence.

    So, do any of you wear your diapers at the gym? Or have you heard of anyone besides me who does?

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    I admit I've been thinking sometimes of trying this as well. The thought have passed through my mind a few times.

    I'm more interested in knowing how you get around wearing diapers at the gym in the first place? Like, where do you change into your training clothes if you're wearing a diaper?
    But wait, did you say you're incontinent? Then I can understand it.

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    The gym is close to my house, so I usually just arrive and leave in the same clothes without having to change. In some cases I've used the bathroom stall to change into a fresh diaper if I'm really wet... I always have a couple extra with me in my backpack that I keep in a locker.

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    Alright, that makes things a little easier yeah.
    If I were to do it, I'd use the bathroom to change into my clothes I guess.
    But then again, it might never happen. Who knows.

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    I have posted on this topic and got flamed and neg-rep'd on ADISC. But here is the short version: I wear to the gym and don't hide anything. I.e. I change in the locker room just like I would when I am wearing regular underwear. If folks want to take a look at my diaper then they are welcome to. It so much no big deal in the end - if you don't mind folks you know seeing you in or knowing about your diapers.

    Good luck!

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    Never done it while exercising. Thinking about using one of those shields.
    I have put on a pullup after showering while getting dressed.

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    Nope, I never even considered wearing a diaper at the gym.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've worn a diaper at the gym every time I've gone. I sort of developed a technique for changing clothes the minimized diaper exposure. Since the most someone is going to see is a second or two of plastic-white, it's obvious that I'm not being voyeuristic. No one's ever said anything.

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