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Thread: Hi soulmates,

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    Smile Hi soulmates,

    So who am I?
    My name is Rusty. Rusty Rivers.
    I live in beautifull Amsterdam. A few times a year I feel like wearing diapers.
    I get them on disciption from my doctor. I told her I wet the bed a couple of times a month. Witch I sadly confess I don't.
    I like to listen to hypnotic recordings, and even i go under (into trance) verry well, I just cant let go of my bladder in the night.
    I do dream that I wet the bed sometimes and then I am so suprised to find my bed still dry.

    I don't let this fettish dominate my life. I find lots of things verry important and fun. These things dont get enough attention when I obsess with diapers. Funny thing is that by letting go of the obsession I feel ok with having some diapers in the couboard. I used to throw them out when I had used them for a long period of time. Like two to three weeks in a row.

    Now I can savour the moment for when the time is just right.
    Its much better this way

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC, do you have any other hobbies/interests?

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    Hi and welcome to the board. Glad you are able to enjoy your diaper time and not get frustrated about it. Here you don't have to talk just about diapers, feel free to tell us more about yourself.

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