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Thread: Open Package may have me found out! :no:

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    Default Open Package may have me found out! :no:

    Ok so I recently placed an order from XP Med and it arrived in speedy fashion as always...I've never ever had problems with them before, but this time, they stuffed the box so full that one end burst through the packing tape during shipping to reveal the back sheet of one of the Sample Abenas inside.

    I usually order a pack of 12 Abena Abri-Form X-Plus, and then a few samples of others, like the extra, etc... I think this was my error, I won't order them all on one order from now on, I'd rather pay for shipping twice and have them put everything in a box that fits rather than trying to over stuff the box which is clearly what they did.

    Anyhow, I live in an appartment building and FedEx left the package in the building entry way...which is normally fine if the box isn't open! It was down there for an hour between 12 noon and 1pm, if any of my neighbors came in or went out in that time frame and took a glance...they might now know about me ordering diapers! If nothing else, the FedEx guy now does!

    Here's a pic of what the open box looked like:
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    I wouldnt worry about it. Most people just dont really care. So unless you have like uber nosy neibhors. you will be fine. i wouldnt sweat over it

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    Unless someone knew what a disposeable diaper looked like folded like that, they would have no clue.

    If they did notice your one step closer to being out, I get diaper boxes the same way and I don't worry about it.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. People are in too much of a hurry with their own business these days anyway.
    A quick pass by wouldn't tell that box contained diapers I think.
    Try to keep to the thought that no one has seen it. It should make you feel better.
    In addition, congratz on getting more diapers. ^^

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    At a glance it might look like foam packaging for something. Maybe you bought a computer or something. They would only realy know what it is for sure if they stood there and looked at it for a while and maybe opened the package a bit more. But why would someone in their right mind open up someone else package? Thats illegal isn't it?

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    Don't worry. Like the others have said, the chances that someone will know what they were, based on what I saw was exposed, is extremely slim. It looks like it could be packing material. And on the off chance somebody did know what it was, you could tell them that it was something the shipper used to pad the box (the bonus: you're not even lying).

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    noone cares about your crap napkins, the only time people worry about getting caught is in the middle of a fantasy, but you wont get noticed.

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    Honestly, if I had walked by that, I wouldn't have thought that it was a diaper. Like another user said, it looks like packaging. Don't worry, you're not exposed.

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    That's not a big deal. Honestly 99% of people wouldn't have a thought about it.

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