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    Default Hello from NZ

    Hi iM mike and im 16 . I live in New Zealand at the bottom of the world but the first place to see the sun.

    I have worn ndiapers or nappies as there called here as long as i can remeber because of a chronic bedwetting problem> I guess i never really liked them till i was about 13 and one of my parents hair brained schemes for trying to make me stop bedwetting was to make me wear diapers 24/7 for a whole week. Well it dint help with wetting but i realised how much i loved being in a nappy.

    I do all the normal things and like sailing and computers and hanging out with friends and wear a nappy as often as i can

    I am glad to hav efound ADISC as there is not many DLs in NZ i know of (in fact none) and so its good to be able to know there are others like me


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    Welcome Mike,

    We have a few people from NZ but more people from Australia; Lukie being the most famous.

    What other hobbies/interests do you have?

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    Welcome to the site. What kind of boats have you sailed? I have always found it interesting. I know that they have international competitions for sailing every now and then. Have you ever participated in any? If so, which ones? If not, do you plan to?

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    Hey Mike welcome from me too.
    NZ is an awesome place, i visited last year for 2 months and loved it. I didnt get to go sailing but did go Kayaking lots which was almost as good.
    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Greetings newbie from kiwiland. You will find a few other members on here from your widdle country so keep an eye out. Come into the chat aswell.

    On a side note the sheep are kept safely locked away :p

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    Hi Mike, welcome to ADISC! I hope you have fun here.

    There are are a few kiwis on here, including myself, and it's nice to see another join

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