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Thread: How Many Passwords Do You Use?

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    Default How Many Passwords Do You Use?

    Pretty self-explanatory, but just how many do you have and use?

    I think I have about 3, with different numbers and capitalizations within those 3, so I don't have an exact number. Most of the sites I go to require either 6 or 8 characters, so two of mine are 6-characters and the other is 8.

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    Just one. It's alot easier to remember one for all than a few for different things. My password is impossible to guess. It's a made up word with some random numbers.

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    I use different passwords for things that are important to me that I don't want hacked (ie game accounts), but a single password for anything that's not going to be broken into/I wouldn't care were it to be broken into (ie my laptop).

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    I was not forced to use 8 character passwords till I came to school. Has to be at least 8, with at least 1 or 2 numbers and a letter that's capitalized. I just use that one if another site requires 8 chars.

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    A different one for almost everything, wrote them all down and they are in my wallet.

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    Different one for every website.

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    I have... four, kinda. I have different variations of the same basic theme.

    One of them is like Point's single password. It's for stuff I really don't care about people getting into.

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    I have my universal password for things that will never be hacked, unique ones for game accounts, and one for email

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    A few dozen at least. I too keep a list. It's not good to use the same password for many different sites.

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    Typically 12-15 character random passwords different for each website and stored encrypted. In the case of ADISC though, I have a 32 character randomly generated password, changed quarterly, which only exists in two locations: my physical security key and a heavily encrypted backup on one of my servers.

    Excessive? Maybe.

    Outside of that, I have a set of about 5 passwords that I rotate between when it needs to be a password I can remember. But I've been trying to fall away from those as much as possible.


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