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    Last night we watched a tone of home videos.

    For me it was weird and a little sad. Last we watched them I was just getting started in the D/L thing and had know idea what it was.
    Now that I do. It was kind of stress full.

    Any one else feel weird watching home videos of them self?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJHusky View Post
    aww when I read the title I thought you was gonna talk about this
    No I hate that show though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    No I hate that show though.
    Why? It's awesome .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJHusky View Post
    Why? It's awesome .
    It is indeed awesome. More awesome then "tim and eric's awesome show, great job."

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    I don't have any home videos of me as a kid. I wish I did. My parents never paid enough attention to care about that type of thing much. If my mother hadn't taken an interest in photography at one point, I wouldn't have any pics of me as a kid either (besides what other people took, of course).

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    The only video of me as a kid is from when I was on a school trip at a recreated Viking village/museum whatsit. We were all dressed as titchy little sentries kitted out with spears and shields, which we had to bang together while shouting, "Odin! Odin! Odin!" to scare off an intruder.

    It's rather excellent.

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    Maybe you should modify this to a Poll and find out how many of us have home movies.

    While I have family photos, I do not have any home video.
    I'm curious what percentage of folks here have home videos.

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    Don't have too many home movies. We never had a video recorder until I was... I think in my teens. We didn't use it too much once we got it.

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    We have home movies, and we'll go back and watch a lot at a time as kind of a family night thing.

    I agree, it is weird to watch them and be like... oh, at that point I was still in diapers. Or when you're 5 in the video, in your pjs on Christmas morning - am I wearing pullups? Or when you're 8 in your pjs on Christmas morning - I should have been old enough to know I was going to be filmed, why didn't I take off my nighttime pullups?? And was I really wetting the bed that much then still?

    So yeah, we talk about how cute everyone was and stuff, but questions like those always run through my head.

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