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Thread: I need a hobby...

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    Default I need a hobby...

    I'm in Korea for about 40 more days. But really my brain is starting to go to mush because I don't do much during the day while my boyfriend is off being a soldier or whatever he does. Especially next week, he'll be working 12 hour shifts.

    So what are some things I can do to fill my time? Since I'm in Korea, finding English books and stuff can be kind of hard..

    So any ideas? I need some inspiration!

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    just some stuff off the top of my head. i dont know what the area you're in is like though, or even what kinda stuff you do in the first place, so it's gonna mostly be a crapshoot! are you looking for just general hobby stuff? cause i imagine you've already found a lot of stuff to do that's specific to korea, like sightseeing or whatever.

    - me, i would be going on as many hikes and visiting as many parks/nature reserves as possible. i'm guessing it's pretty cold there right now though. snowboarding? thats probably stuff you wanna do with your bf though.

    - you could watch some professional Starcraft, if you haven't already. Some people get very excited about computer games. I think at one place where they broadcast from, (i forget where), you can go to the live matches and watch for free? Or cheaply at least. of course if you've never seen/played starcraft before, then this would probably just be really very confusing - but interesting at least.

    - something creative. musical maybe? if you don't want to learn an instrument there's free sequencers for the computer. go out into the city or wherever you are and draw what you see. hm... several of my friends like to knit, and bonus: it's really easy, or so i'm told. you could make a totally rad diaper cover or something. or a hat, which is probably easier.

    - legos, or the korean equivalent of legos

    that's all i got, maybe it will help? good luck with the cabin fever

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    Pull an Andy Goldsworthy: make some art out of things you find in nature and take pics :P or just take a lot of photos!
    you could also see if there's any letterboxing or geocaching in your area, google each to learn about them but they are esentially finding hidden boxes or caches that people lay out and putting some thing in/taking something out of them :P

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    You know, if I was "stuck" in South Korea with nothing but time, I would be exploring the hell out of it. Local food, temples , art (their culture is much much older than ours), shopping for stuff we can never get here, etc... Being part geek, I would also be riding their high speed rail service, just to say I did, and figuring out which unbelievably awesome cell phone I was gonna bring back with me, because they are (I think) maybe 2 generations ahead of us!

    Being a photographer, I would also be blowing my camera UP! I mean, I may never make it back there again.

    Have some fun, what ever you do!

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    Hmm...I can imagine it gets pretty lonely.

    -You could get a NetFlix account, and start watching some TV shows on the internet.




    -Computer games, (starcraft, warcraft)

    -Books/stories online. (Google Books)

    Hope this helps, or at least gives you some ideas

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    You obviouly have the internet and they are plenty of sites with all types of reading matreial , I spend most of my evenings, reading stories.

    Now that spring is on the way if you have a yard or garden you can plant in grow some flowers or veggies, working outdoors makes your feel good.

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    What about buying an ebook reader, and buying stuff off the internet? I presume you have a US credit card, so you should be able to buy english books.

    Or what about having a go at learning korean, then being able to read korean books!

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    I'm going to assume you're a little nervous about going out into the country not speaking Korean? Is there anything you really enjoy doing, but never had the time for? Have you considered picking up an Ebook on amazon about korean and trying to crash course the language so you could tell the locals that 'I very enjoy the purple dinner roll' or 'Bonfires in bear houses leave only the winds to speak?'

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    Journal your experiences! Write down your adventures. Always chronicle!

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    I agree with the journal.

    Personally, try to learn magic tricks. Cards are found virtually everywhere, and online tutorials are easy enough to find. You'll use both your hands and your head at the same time, and you have a nifty trick come a silent moment at a party.

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