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Thread: Your Dream Diaper?

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    Default Your Dream Diaper?

    I was kind of bored so I decided to make this thread. I haven't seen one on the site like this one yet. If you were a diaper maker for the community, what would your diapers look like. Describe the the colors, pictures, name of the diapers, etc. Just have fun and be creative.

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    Very interesting thread idea.
    For me, my dream diaper would be thick and therefore thirsty. The diaper would have a tie dye pattern on it that would disappear when wet. There would also be two tapes on each side that would be about 1.5-2 inches thick. They would be along a similar vein to the Walgreens Certainty diapers but would also have standing leak guards.

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    why dont the y make jeans with built in diapers, then you would save a lot of money, because thats what i would do, and it would be less embarassing if a teen like myself or someone in school to wear, because i have had to wear diapers in public that are thick, and have even leaked a few times, and could you imagine if a high schooler or middle schooler wearing a diaper had some one find out?!? thays why i would make a diaper that held a lot with leak gaurds, but didnt bulge or crinkle or smell.

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    Nice and thick, and it magically cleans itself so I never have to take it off.
    It would probably just look like any other diaper:]

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    My Dream Diaper is as Follows: Low-rise in front and in back, stretchy sides exactly like on Goodnites except there are two 2-inch velcro tapes on either side with a re-stickable landing zone in the front. The whole diaper would be a plain white back ground with blue designs like waves around all the edges, there would also be shapes like moons and stars and suns and smiley faces on all of the white area stenciled in the same blue, up and down the center of the diaper, which would disappear when wet. Inside the diaper would have a super absorbent layer above the rest of the absorbent area starting from the top center down the lower center so no matter what position anything was in while wetting them, they wouldn't leak. They would be infused with self releasing baby powder and scent, the inner leak guards would be a double wall and double high design running the whole outer perimeter, and the SAP would be super condensed and the thickest ever in a disposable.

    Thats just my dream diapers... to bad the only person who gets to use them is Kaylen

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    Guess it has been a while since the last thread. These are the ones I could find without too much effort (it helps to know where to look). I'll let my previous answer stand despite Point's astute observations.

    I don't think this is quite what Paul was getting at but it's definitely the way the thread went:

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    a larger goodnite, that had much better leak guards and thicker padding that swelled immensely (I really like the swell factor ). I'm going to stay away from the fantastical ideas.

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